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This is a Instructable how to solve a 3 by 3 by 3 rubik's cube. All movments are self invented. And I wanted to say, that I'm german, so if you find any spellingmistakes please tell me.

Step 1: Before you begin

Picture of Before you begin
Before beginning you should know what the movments mean. If there are only the letters turn it clockwise, if there is the letter and ' turn counterclockwise. The directions "FC", "SC" and "UC" will come with arrows (→↓←t)
saminsa2 years ago
i have a question !!!
i can solve my cube 3*3*3 in maybe 50 sec
but i know a boy that he can solve it in 27 sec
i wanna learn a better way to solve my cube ... at least in 30 sec
can u help me?
Use fedrich method...
Sorunome (author)  SandeshC7 days ago

It is called "fridrich method", and there are several others, too, such as the "petrus method" or the "roux method"

Sorunome (author)  saminsa2 years ago
google for 'fridrich method', it allows you to solve in 10 seconds less if your good at it :D


Sorunome (author)  ratna.kumar.92310 months ago

Haha, thanks for using this :)

finaly i solved my cube!!
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
:) did you understood it good? (p.s. my record is 42 seconds!)
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
so it was helpful?
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
my record is 76 seconds!
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
hint: if you do the algorythms for switching corners, switching edges and turning corners the other way round they switch/turn the other way round!
53 seconds!
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
my record is still 42 seconds and I developed the tequnik at my one! :P
i'm gettin screwed up by the first layer that tooks me 25 seconds
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
I never measured that seperate...
i already now that
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
do you have more rubiks cubes than the normal one?
Sorunome (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)4 years ago
I have some more. They are all listed up in my about me zone
~KGB~4 years ago