Step 3: The "Cross"

First you'll do a "cross".
The Algorythmus for the first pic is:
L F' L'
The Algorythmus for the second pic is:
i have a question !!! <br>i can solve my cube 3*3*3 in maybe 50 sec <br>but i know a boy that he can solve it in 27 sec <br>i wanna learn a better way to solve my cube ... at least in 30 sec <br>can u help me?
Use fedrich method...
Very true sorunome knows much than you sandesh c
<p>It is called &quot;fridrich method&quot;, and there are several others, too, such as the &quot;petrus method&quot; or the &quot;roux method&quot;</p>
google for 'fridrich method', it allows you to solve in 10 seconds less if your good at it :D
<p>Haha, thanks for using this :)</p>
finaly i solved my cube!!
:) did you understood it good? (p.s. my record is 42 seconds!)
so it was helpful?
my record is 76 seconds!
hint: if you do the algorythms for switching corners, switching edges and turning corners the other way round they switch/turn the other way round!
53 seconds!
my record is still 42 seconds and I developed the tequnik at my one! :P
i'm gettin screwed up by the first layer that tooks me 25 seconds
I never measured that seperate...
i already now that
do you have more rubiks cubes than the normal one?
I have some more. They are all listed up in my about me zone

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