Picture of How to solve a 5 by 5 by 5 Rubik's Cube
In this Instrucable you'll learn how to solve the 5 by 5 by 5 rubiks cube. First I wanted to say, that I'm german, so f I have any spellingmistakes please tell me. I also wanted to say that I invented all movements at my one exept of the special case.
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Step 1: Before you begin

Picture of Before you begin

Before begin Beginning you should know what the movements mean. If there are only the letters turn it clockwise, if there is the letter and ' turn counterclockwise. The directions "FC", "SC" and "UC" will come with arrows (→↓←↑)

Step 2: Scramble

Picture of scramble

Step 3: Center cross

Picture of center cross
Step 1 2 (5).jpeg
Step 1 3 (5).jpeg

It's finally time to start! Just follow the pics.
The algorythmus for the first pic is:
Uu' FC← Uu
The algorythmus of the second pic is:

Step 4: Compleating the centers

Picture of Compleating the centers
Step 2 2 (5).jpeg
Step 2 3 (5).jpeg
Step 2 4 (5).jpeg

Now you'll complete the centers.
The algorythmus of the first pic is:
Ff d f'
The algorythmus of the second pic is :
Rr' d' r
The algorythmus of the third pic is:
r' d2 r d Rr' d' r

Step 5: The "Diament"

Picture of The
Step 3 2 (5).jpeg
Step 3 3 (5).jpeg
Step 3 4 (5).jpeg
Step 3 5 (5).jpeg

Now you'll solve the center edgepieces of the first layer.
The algorythmus of the first pic is:
The algorythmus of the second pic is:
The algorythmus of the third pic is:
U' FC← U
The algorythmus of the fourth pic is:

Step 6: The fat cross

Picture of The fat cross
Step 4 2 (5).jpeg
Step 4 3 (5).jpeg
Step 4 4 (5).jpeg
Step 4 5 (5).jpeg
Step 4 6 (5).jpeg
Step 4 7 (5).jpeg
Step 4 8 (5).jpeg
Step 4 9 (5).jpeg

Now you'll make a fat cross
The algorythmus of the first pic is:
d F d' F'
The algorythmus of the second pic is:
u' F' u2 F
The algorythmus of the third pic is:
F u F'
The algorythmus of the fourth pic is:
F' d F D l D' l' F d' F'
The algorythmus of the fifth pic is:
d' L' d L
The algorythmus of the sixth pic is:
u L u2 L'
The algorythmus of the seventh pic is:
F' d' F
The algorythmus of the eighth pic is:
F d' F' D' r' D r F' d F

Step 7: Finishing the first layer

Picture of Finishing the first layer
Step 5 2 (5).jpeg
Step 5 3 (5).jpeg
Step 5 4 (5).jpeg

It's time to finish the first layer.
The Algorythmus for the first pic is:
F D F'
The Algorythmus for the second pic is:
L' D' L
The Algorythmus for the third pic is:
L' D2 L D L' D' L

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LucckyL2 months ago

the algorithms of second and third pics of Step 8: Centerpieces of the second layer are wrong i had tried many times so can you send the correct algorithms for me


Sorunome (author)  LucckyL2 months ago

Thanks for telling me, i had left and right messed up, lol

Fixed it now in the step

LucckyL2 months ago
Kruzer104 months ago
I am facing problem in step 14 and not in 13
Kruzer104 months ago
facing problem in step 13. Plz help
Kruzer10 Kruzer104 months ago
sorry in step 14
Kruzer10 made it!4 months ago
What can i do for this condition??
Kruzer10 Kruzer104 months ago
thanx for fixing step 12 but what about step 16?
Sorunome (author)  Kruzer104 months ago

Hehe, it's that algo in step 12 I jsut fixed

Kruzer104 months ago
It is in the step 12 as well as in the step 16
Sorunome (author)  Kruzer104 months ago

thanks, I fixed it now. BTW, there is a reply button to reply directly to a comment.

Kruzer104 months ago
Can u plz give me your number along with your country code so that I can approach you whenever I have a problem?
Sorunome (author)  Kruzer104 months ago


Kruzer104 months ago
Sry i didnt reply since 3 days
Kruzer104 months ago
Sry i didnt reply since 3 days
Kruzer104 months ago

F Rr UCg U UC↓ U2 UCt U UC↓ Rr' F'

What do you mean by UCg and UCt here?

Plz reply

Sorunome (author)  Kruzer104 months ago

Sorry for the late reply, instructables email notifications were broken for me.

Just so you know, keep repeating your question over and over again doesn't help towards getting it answered.

Anyways, on which step was that algo? I made these instructions a long time ago and don't really remember, I'd need to re-check.

Kruzer104 months ago
plz someone help me
Kruzer104 months ago
Hey amit can u plz help
Kruzer104 months ago
Amit Aryan4 months ago


ManishP27 months ago

The algorithms don't work!!!!

Sorunome (author)  ManishP27 months ago

Are you sure you followed them correctly?

salman78288 months ago
Facing problem from step 13..!
Sorunome (author)  salman78288 months ago

What'cha mean?

salman78288 months ago
Facing problem from step 13..!
knex akbar1 year ago

isn't layer by layer allot slower than finishing the centers, then doing the edges and then solving it like a 3x3x3? i can solve it in about 4-5 minutes using that method, how fast is this method?

Sorunome (author)  knex akbar1 year ago
I can solve it in 5 min with this method, too.
Also keep in mind that I am presenting the method I invented on my own, rather than somebody elses method I read online.

When i first got my 5x5x5 I tried to solve it on my own without any help but i was only able to solve the first 3 layers and some bits of the 4th layer.

~KGB~4 years ago
that looks hard... very hard... oooh thats what she said!!!
Sorunome (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
That's nothing in comparris to the 6 by 6 by 6 cube!
~KGB~ Sorunome4 years ago
Sorunome (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
~KGB~ Sorunome4 years ago
Sorunome (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
~KGB~ Sorunome4 years ago
hahahahahahahahah!!!!! lol!!!! =D=D=D
Sorunome (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
How often did we have that already?
~KGB~ Sorunome4 years ago
lots... lol
Sorunome (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
~KGB~ Sorunome4 years ago
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