In this Instrucable you'll learn how to solve the 5 by 5 by 5 rubiks cube. First I wanted to say, that I'm german, so f I have any spellingmistakes please tell me. I also wanted to say that I invented all movements at my one exept of the special case.

Step 1: Before you begin

Before begin Beginning you should know what the movements mean. If there are only the letters turn it clockwise, if there is the letter and ' turn counterclockwise. The directions "FC", "SC" and "UC" will come with arrows (→↓←↑)

<p>step 14 is wrong</p>
<p>You meaning swapping the corner pieces? I am quite positive that that one is correct as I fixed its mistake a few weeks ago. Make sure that for example B is turning the back clockwise if you look <strong>at</strong> the back face, so from the front it will seem as if you turn it counterclockwise.</p>
<p>when I apply the step cube become scramble again.</p>
<p>I just tripple-checked that </p><p>B U B' U' B' R B R'</p><p>is indeed the correct algorythm. Be sure to follow it currectly, it can be tricky as B means turning back clockwise when looking at it, so in your normal holding-position it will seam counter-clockwise.</p>
<p>isn't layer by layer allot slower than finishing the centers, then doing the edges and then solving it like a 3x3x3? i can solve it in about 4-5 minutes using that method, how fast is this method?</p>
I can solve it in 5 min with this method, too.<br>Also keep in mind that I am presenting the method I invented on my own, rather than somebody elses method I read online.
<p>okso now i can solve a 5x5 usually within 2 minutes :p</p><p>are you into speedsolving or just casual solving?</p>
<p>When i first got my 5x5x5 I tried to solve it on my own without any help but i was only able to solve the first 3 layers and some bits of the 4th layer.</p>
<p>the algorithms of second and third pics of Step 8: Centerpieces of the second layer are wrong i had tried many times so can you send the correct algorithms for me<br><br>regards <br>lakshman</p>
<p>Thanks for telling me, i had left and right messed up, lol</p><p>Fixed it now in the step</p>
I am facing problem in step 14 and not in 13<br>
facing problem in step 13. Plz help
sorry in step 14<br>
What can i do for this condition??
thanx for fixing step 12 but what about step 16?<br>
<p>Hehe, it's that algo in step 12 I jsut fixed</p>
It is in the step 12 as well as in the step 16
<p>thanks, I fixed it now. BTW, there is a reply button to reply directly to a comment.</p>
Can u plz give me your number along with your country code so that I can approach you whenever I have a problem?
Sry i didnt reply since 3 days
Sry i didnt reply since 3 days
<p>F Rr UCg U UC&darr; U2 UCt U UC&darr; Rr' F'</p><p>What do you mean by UCg and UCt here?</p><p>Plz reply</p>
<p>Sorry for the late reply, instructables email notifications were broken for me.</p><p>Just so you know, keep repeating your question over and over again doesn't help towards getting it answered.</p><p>Anyways, on which step was that algo? I made these instructions a long time ago and don't really remember, I'd need to re-check.</p>
plz someone help me<br>
Hey amit can u plz help
<p>The algorithms don't work!!!!</p>
<p>Are you sure you followed them correctly?</p>
Facing problem from step 13..!
<p>What'cha mean?</p>
Facing problem from step 13..!
that looks hard... very hard... oooh thats what she said!!!
That's nothing in comparris to the 6 by 6 by 6 cube!
hahahahahahahahah!!!!! lol!!!! =D=D=D
How often did we have that already?
lots... lol
and (again) why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :)

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