In this Instrucable you'll learn how to solve the 5 by 5 by 5 rubiks cube. First I wanted to say, that I'm german, so f I have any spellingmistakes please tell me. I also wanted to say that I invented all movements at my one exept of the special case.

Step 1: Before you begin

Before begin Beginning you should know what the movements mean. If there are only the letters turn it clockwise, if there is the letter and ' turn counterclockwise. The directions "FC", "SC" and "UC" will come with arrows (→↓←↑)

Some steps were wrong but after that all I made it
<p>Glad you made it!</p><p>Please report any steps that might be incorrect, I might have screwed up algorythms.</p>
<p>what are the correct algo's for step nine?</p>
<p>having trouble with step 9 anyone have successful algo's for these steps?</p>
<p>really I'm having trouble with step 2</p>
Step 3 doesn't seem to work
<p>I think I fixed it, I don't even know how I derped so hard on it, heehee, thanks for pointing it out!</p>
<p>Please write that we have to turn clockwise or anticlockwise. Horizontals are mostly counters but the verticals are clockwise mostly. Please help this out I think this is the main problem for even one. Reply soon pls</p>
<p>All the algorithms on step 9 are incorrect, however they do change some of the layer 2 edge pieces, just not the ones they are listed as changing and they also change the corner pieces on layer 1.</p>
<p>i don't know but that step worked fine fine for me...</p>
<p>to long</p>
<p>step 8? It's not working at all and one of my yellow pieces get misplaced. Is it BC the face I'm doing it on? I can do the 3*3 so I know the basics but this is her complicated and confusing</p>
<p>The steps were great until step 9, where none of the algorithms worked at all. . . A great format and I appreciate the way that you guide through the solving, seems reminiscent of the 3x3.</p>
<p>I think you missed a few turns in step 9, or I am just really bad at following steps.(which I tend to do a lot). Wouldn't you have to apply more moves in the second picture, as of L' D' L would just take the top back left corner away from the top layer?</p>
<p>lol these comments, anyways what method do you use for 3x3? and what do you average?</p>
<p>With my self-invented one i got like 42 sec.</p><p>Then i looked up fridrich method, with two-look OLL and two-look PLL, though, and my best is like 25 seconds with that method</p>
<p>algorithm on step 9 pic num 1 doesn't work it does this to my cube:</p>
i there any algorythms ? please help
Now solve it like a 3x3
<p>Yes, that's one way of doing it! :D</p>
<p>I believe that both algorithms in stage 13 are incorrect, i have tried many times yet it still doesn't work</p>
<p>Thanks for reporting, after checking it out I fixed the first algorythm now (somehow I used U instead of D)</p><p>As for the second one, it seems to be correct for me, keep in mind that the first two things (UuFC d') are meant to be something like &quot;move the top four layers to the left&quot;</p>
thank you so much<br>
Author plz plz plz hlp me
<p>I hope this is helpful.</p><p>it's all top view.</p>
<p>Please do not spam with help requests, <strong>I actually read all the comments i get, no matter what</strong>! Please keep in mind that people online usually also have a private life which can get quite busy from time to time.</p><p>And now, when I find the time (probably some time later today) I will get you pictures how you can solve that state using only the algorythms in this instructable.</p>
<p>You have to follow step-by-step, you can't move on to 3rd layer without finishing 2nd layer.</p><p>Also, please hit the &quot;reply&quot; button to not flood this with comments, and please don't post the same comment thousands of times.</p>
Plz give correct way how to complete the 18 th step
<p>I just double-checked that the algorythms provided in step 18 are, indeed, valid. You have to make sure that you turn the rows in the correct direction, the clockwise/anticlockwise are always when looking at the face, so l' and r actually both turn the slices up, even though one is rotating counterclockwise and the other one clockwise.</p>
What to do in this condition
Plz plz give correct algorithms of both pic of step 18
<p>I believe that both algorithms in stage 13 are incorrect, i have tried many times yet it still doesn't work</p>
Yes I'm to positive that they both are incorrect
Plz plz plz give the correct algorithms of first pic of solving 3rd layer edge pieces
I am not able to do the third layers edge pieces
Are you there plz hlp me
Are you giving me the correct algorithms
Pls give the correct algorithms
Ok but the cube is scrambling again after following the algorithms for solving 2 layer edge pieces.

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