I got a 5x5 cube recently, and learned how to do it by only learning a few algorithms.

In order for you to be able to finish the cube, you will need to be able to solve a 3x3 cube, but being able to solve a 4x4 cube would also enhance your abilities for it, since the algorithms can be used on both.

If anything is unclear, just ask and I can clarify it for you
Please note:
1. This is a LONG INSTRUCTABLE. It will take time and effort to get through this cube, and you need to have some free time to solve your cube.
2. I am Canadian, so deal with the u in colour.
3. I am assuming you have a 5x5 cube. If you do not, they cost up to $40 CAD, so be prepared to spend a little bit of money on it.

Step 1: My collection/experience

Picture of My collection/experience
I started cubing over the summer of 2007. I got a dollar store "magic" cube, which was a cheap Rubik's cube. It came with instructions, which I memorized, and have now fine tuned so I can solve my cube with a 12 cube average of 51 seconds.

I can solve all the puzzles you see here, no instructions.
I found out how to do this by watching a long youtube video tutorial about how to solve this, and read some text instructions. I have 2 5x5 cubes, a few 3x3 cubes, and the 4x4 cube.
I solve in layers btw so this is all I have left to finish it
Is there an algorithm for this?
Rpatte042 months ago
Whenever you have the three edge pieces in the middle, ( when they all have the same two colors on them) and the outer two are facing one way and the middle one is facing the other way, and all the other edges are solved and facing the same way, what do you do?
I can't get the algorithm for pairing the last 2 edges to work.
GoldCivetta4 months ago

I made IT!

killer528 months ago

how do you do the last corners after you do the edge pairing

killer52 killer528 months ago

also it wont let me watch the video

tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago


tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago

the rubiks cube is awesome

tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago

the rubiks cube is awesome

tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago

i like it

tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago

i like it

tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago

i like it

tShCoHmUaFsF8 months ago

i like it

MitchellL18 months ago

Great guide, helped me through a couple of algorithims I was having trouble with :) Finally solved it after 3 days. Cheers!

JackW59 months ago

I got my 5x5 for $8.17 (9.32 CAD)

at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/ShengShou-5x5-Speed-Cube-Bla...

Cuber_31310 months ago
With the tredge pairing I have 2 Unsolved tredges but to solve them I have to switch the middle cubees, do you know how to fix this?
emay946 years ago
what do you mean by you can solve the cube like the 3x3 ?
Cow124 emay941 year ago

The wings and edges combine to be an edge, the corners are corners, the centers and crosses become the centers. Find another instructable on solving a 3x3. Start with the Beginner's Method and if you are interested enough work up to the Fridrich Method (for the 3x3).

Does Not Compute (author)  emay946 years ago
by solve the cube like the 3x3, I mean that you have to treat the groups of 3 edges as an edge piece on a normal rubik's cube. I could make a tutorial, but it would just add to the many that are here. The 3x3 center on the 5x5, you treat as the center of the cube. Then solve like as though the corners are corners on the 3x3 cube, and the three edges that are paired are like edges on the 3x3, and the 3x3 centers that are made are the centers.
So what he means is to solve the centers, make the 'tredges', and then solve it like a 3x3, except for some parities.
timblau1 year ago

sorry..step 9 is what does not work.

timblau1 year ago

So does Ll' mean they are both counterclockwise or is L clockwise and the l' is counter? Your step 7 of completing the other side after I have the 1x3 in position simply does not work. Tried 5 times.

If you need a 3x3 how to go to captain camos guide
Kshitij02112 years ago
hi, m nt able to gt the part wen m solving the 3x3 way.. at the part where I hav a complete yellow on the top .. blue n orange r solved.. the red n green hav the top paired edges in the wrong places.. this was also ther in the 4x4 bt I figured out tht 1.. I donno how to do it in the 5x5.. ny1 cn hlp??
I bought my son th Proferssor's cube after he mastered the 3x3. He played with it for about 45 minutes then announced that he had figured it out - even though he hadn't solved it yet. After about 5 more mintes, he had solved! No help. No lessons. Just good spacial skills. I'm in awe.
B3tray3dQU4 years ago
Im at a parody that on the last step where you make the cross on the top layer, I have every side except 1, I know there is an algorithm for my 4x4 but forgot it, and not sure how to do it on the 5x5. Help please? And also I have 2 corners correct on the top layer to start with, so I know there is an algorithm for the switching of 2 corners but can't find it in my manuals or on the internet. Can you please help me with this?
The parody Algorithm: 2Rr, 2B, 2U, Ll, 2U, Rr', 2U, Rr, 2U, 2F, Rr, 2F, Ll', 2B, 2Rr.
this may result in and edge swap (the opposite edges are swapped) put them in the TB and TF edges, and perform; 2Uu, 2Ll, 2U, 2l, 2U, 2Ll, 2Uu. that should fix those problems.
the algorithm to swap the two corners: place the two solved corners in the back of the cube (assuming the top is solved and not permuted) perform; R', F, R', 2B, R, F', R', 2B, 2R. email me at twpyromaniac@gmail.com if you have any other cubing questions
zypher3.144 years ago
Thanks! I can solve the 2x2x2 and the 3x3x3 but I could never get more than the first layer of the 4x4x4 or 5x5x5.
Spent a whole week repairing a Rubik's 5x5 before getting the V-Cube 5. It literally fell apart in my hands!
BTW there is more than one parity error. there are actually 3 combinations you have to use the 2 algorithms in. you can probably do it with one but it's easy er to fix it all at one time when you get the 3 edges in the right places yet the middle one is turned the wrong way you can fix that in one move.
I just use the one. If the things on one side are correct, center is not though, then there is a long algorithm, that i just never wanted to memorize. Therefore, I did not include it, since I don't personally use it.
The long one is :RR2 B2 U2 LL U2 RR' U2 RR U2 F2 RR F2 LL' B2 RR2.
Mainly used on the 4x4.
yeah I tough t so it's only a little longer but min doesn't work. I must have copied it down wrong.
i made my own algorithm to use while i was making my tutorial, lol
cool I've made up a couple for the 4 by 4.
Bridel5686 years ago
want a 7x7 go to thinkgeek.com
Or the vcube website.
nurdturd4 years ago
I ran into a weird parody where one edge has all of the right colors on it but one is oriented the wrong way. Got any algorithms?
RR2 B2 U2 LL U2 RR' U2 RR U2 F2 RR F2 LL' B2 RR2

Or what he used on step 14. (The one above is longer, but somewhat easier to memorize.)
TheKnotTier4 years ago
Kaiven4 years ago
I supposed I solve it a tad different, but the end product is always the same, eh? Hope others can learn from this, it's great fun.
nurdturd4 years ago
I meant one edge piece/cublet was facing right while the other two on that same edge are facing left. I hope thats sort of clear what im talking about.

-----> u know kinda like that?
Does Not Compute (author)  nurdturd4 years ago
Sorry about this late reply, I had exams and have just had a hectic month of april, didn't even go on instructables for the entire month!

Yes, I understand what you're talking about, and yes, there is an algorithm somewhere on the internet, but I never actually learned it. I just use the one that swaps two of the middle edge cubelets, and swap the cubelet over to the other side, then move the edge so that when you swap the cubelets again, two are in the right place, move those so that you can put the last piece in place, and repeat until you're done. I actually solve this a completely different way, chainsolving the edges now, makes it faster, but similar concepts.
At the 'Parity Error' place I always can't do it. I'm sure I'm not doing it wrong, I tried sloooooowly about ten times. Either I'm reading wrong, or it doesn't work?
Does Not Compute (author)  alwaysmetara4 years ago
I actually just used this to re teach myself this bit. With the Ll turns, are you making sure that when you turn, you turn them away from you? That would cause me problems and I just wouldn't get it.
vIQleS5 years ago
I'm sorry to be negative - but is anyone else having difficulty following these intructions?

Step 8:
"If you needed to rotate any faces, make sure you turn the piece out of the way, so that when you turn it back, the piece stays there"


"Make the 2x3 center on the yellow side using this method"

What method? you haven't given us a method - you've just said "solve this bit..."

I'm not usually an idiot... Last night I was on:


And managed to get most of the way to having the centres finished before I mucked something up...

And now - following your instructions - I can't even get the second one done...
Does Not Compute (author)  vIQleS5 years ago
Ok, so basically what I was saying was this:
the main point when you are moving the pieces to make the opposite center to the one you solved originally is that you need to make sure that once you get some 1x2 pairs that are of the same colour (ie a yellow center edge and yellow center corner), you simply rotate the piece up there, and move it such that your piece that you just put up to the yellow face does not get moved down from the yellow face when you rotate the section back. 

I could make a video if that helps you out at all.
the algorithm for the second picture doesn't work as advertized....
Does Not Compute (author)  nickityknack5 years ago
I've updated the instructable to fix that,  Sorry!
kinda reminds me of mine lol the instructable looks good although I've only made it this far. lol
Yeah nice instructable that's exactly how I solve mine. i was able to figure out how to solve it by myself the first time. but I got one of the pairity errors. so I had to look them up.
I got to about the same point, and then turned to the great youtube. It's great what you can find there. The solution for any cube over 3x3 is almost exactly the same anyways: make a center, make the opposite center, fill in the other centers, pair edges, fix parity errors, solve like a 3x3.
I'm getting a 6 by 6 in June.
I'm not going to go for the 6x6, but I might get a 7x7 by march break. I can solve a 6x6 though (just did it on my ipod)
Got mine A week ago, Still Cant solve it, but ive never solved a 5x5 cause i dont own one
Does the 6 by 6 have the dumb special moves like the 4 by 4 does? yeah the 7 by 7 is incredibly expensive though. does V cube have it's own web sight?
Yes, its v-cubes dot com And yea, the 6x6 has the same special moves as the 4x4. Especially the last layer one.
man I hate the last layer one... ok thanks. but I still want one a little. mostly just because it's bigger and I go bowling an people think it's amazing to do the 3 by 3 lol.
Im getting my 7x7 in February. I might make a tutorial, but it's the exact same (well almost) algorithms as the 5x5. I'm such a geek, the fact that I have just added a 2x2 and rubiks magic to my group of toys. I'll make a tutorial for that if people can't do it themselves. I'm averaging 4 seconds per solve on my magic.
dang I have no idea how to solve the magic!!!! I"m trying to figure out how to do it myself but a tutorial would be great. I did solve it once by accident. lol
what is the magic?? newbie question
how do you twist it/solve it/lay it down/other way of doing it (int other words, what is the motion. like the rubiks twisting.)
google it youl find something. youtube has the answers also.
I just got my V-cube 7, and its AWESOME! It cost about $100 CAD with shipping and taxes though. It already turns like a beast though
do u think u can solve it????
Oh easy. I solve the 5 by 5 all the time.
Scary...I just did the 3*3*3 last week...
Nice tutorial! Way better than any video that I could find.
Ikotoo6 years ago
I modified the algorithms for a 3*3*3 Rubiks cube to work for my 5*5*5, and it worked well, I am able to solve it. I found the 5*5*5 easier then the 4*4*4. Great Tutorial, you cover everything.
Does Not Compute (author)  Ikotoo6 years ago
I also find the 5x5 easier than the 4x4, but then again, my 4x4 pops, and I solve it differently because I hate that one parity problem where the cross just doesn't work. I solve one side, the other side, then everything in between. I find it faster than doing it the other way, but the biggest thing you could run in to is a whole 2x2 center being in the wrong place.
Yeah, parity with the 4*4*4 is much more difficult. it took me about two days to find a way to get out of it while it took me and hour or so with the 5*5*5. Your way of solving the 4*4*4 is really cool, I will have to try it some time.
mrnoname6 years ago
do you have 5x5x5 in ur tag, cuz i cant find urs, btw urs is alot better than mine, i suck at describing things.
Does Not Compute (author)  mrnoname6 years ago
Thanks for reminding me, I kind of forgot that most don't know it as a Professor Cube.
i just search the dimensions of the cube, its just alot easier
J-Five6 years ago
Soundss like fun
Chicken22096 years ago
Why do people consider that a parody?
that makes me mad
oh noes! more and more people are learning to solve the other cubes
im running out of things to brag about
but I still got my 7, :P
Does Not Compute (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
umm about that... i could make a tutorial about how to do the 7 or 6, except that i hate doing tutorials for cubes I don't personally own. My first solve of the 7x7 was about 42 minutes, done today. If/When I get my cube, then I could make the tutorial xP But then again, its the same thing as 5x5, just more layers, more concerns, etc. The speedcubing corner swap is a good one for 7x7 though. Attached is a screen shot after my first 7x7 solve.
Cube 2009-01-04 18-37-09-42.jpg