Step 4: Notation

In the image below, you will see the notation I will be using. It is standard 5x5 notation, as far as I know. If just the letter is there, turn the face denoted clockwise, if you are looking at that side
' means counter clockwise.

I always solve my cube white centers first, then yellow, and the rest vary. It might help to follow how I am solving it if you start on white, then go to yellow, and work with my sides.
<p><em>This </em>doesn't compute!</p>
<p>can someone give me the alg for this, I can't find it <em>anywhere!! </em></p>
That Mate is not a parity. Its just a simple cross case. <br>Holding the L shape with one yellow edge at the backa and one to the left do this algorithm.<br>F U R U' R' F'
Whenever you have the three edge pieces in the middle, ( when they all have the same two colors on them) and the outer two are facing one way and the middle one is facing the other way, and all the other edges are solved and facing the same way, what do you do?
<p>search 5x5 parity and find the corresponding alg</p>
<p>Please Help!</p><p>I am trying to solve the 5x5 and I have solved the centers and edges but I am getting tredge parity where I need to flip a tredge. Can someone please share the algorithm? I tried some of the algorithms below but couldn't. Btw, what does 'x' mean in the algorithm?</p>
<p>First of all, you need to orient and permutate the last layer like on a three by three. since you did not occur an edge parity, you cannot get permutation parities because it is a 5x5. X means X inverted, which means turn the entire cube clockwise.</p>
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
<p>I can do it on a 4x4, not a 5x5. Algorithm for 4x4: r2 B2 U2 l U2 r' U2 r U2 F2 r F2 l' B2 r2</p>
Thank you very much. I can do 5x5 now. I appreciate your help.
<p>does it work on 5x5? ps I'm same person as noseypoos, forgot my password #lol</p>
Thank you very much.
Is there an algorithm for this?<br>
<p>I have same cube as you, you can take off stickers</p>
Yes there is....
<p>then what is it?</p>
<p>I'm 9 and I can do a 3x3 in 1 minute 6 seconds ( my record). My friend (9) can do it in 53 seconds!</p>
Ive completed all the centres - however the &quot;pairing&quot; stage is rather unclear and I dont get what is required. You say pair the edges like the photo but there are several photos and all of them have diffenrt edges lined up. Please could you clarify?<br>
Wow!!!!awesome guide
I solve in layers btw so this is all I have left to finish it
I can't get the algorithm for pairing the last 2 edges to work.
<p>I made IT!</p>
<p>how do you do the last corners after you do the edge pairing </p>
<p>also it wont let me watch the video </p>
<p>the rubiks cube is awesome</p>
<p>the rubiks cube is awesome</p>
<p>i like it</p>
<p>i like it</p>
<p>i like it</p>
<p>i like it</p>
<p>Great guide, helped me through a couple of algorithims I was having trouble with :) Finally solved it after 3 days. Cheers!</p>
<p>I got my 5x5 for $8.17 (9.32 CAD) </p><p>at amazon: <a href="http://www.amazon.com/ShengShou-5x5-Speed-Cube-Black/dp/B005PH2HTK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1417574523&sr=8-2&keywords=5x5+rubik" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/ShengShou-5x5-Speed-Cube-Bla...</a></p>
With the tredge pairing I have 2 Unsolved tredges but to solve them I have to switch the middle cubees, do you know how to fix this?
what do you mean by you can solve the cube like the 3x3 ?
<p>The wings and edges combine to be an edge, the corners are corners, the centers and crosses become the centers. Find another instructable on solving a 3x3. Start with the Beginner's Method and if you are interested enough work up to the Fridrich Method (for the 3x3).</p>
by solve the cube like the 3x3, I mean that you have to treat the groups of 3 edges as an edge piece on a normal rubik's cube. I could make a tutorial, but it would just add to the many that are here. The 3x3 center on the 5x5, you treat as the center of the cube. Then solve like as though the corners are corners on the 3x3 cube, and the three edges that are paired are like edges on the 3x3, and the 3x3 centers that are made are the centers.
So what he means is to solve the centers, make the 'tredges', and then solve it like a 3x3, except for some parities.
<p>sorry..step 9 is what does not work.</p>
<p>So does Ll' mean they are both counterclockwise or is L clockwise and the l' is counter? Your step 7 of completing the other side after I have the 1x3 in position simply does not work. Tried 5 times.</p>
If you need a 3x3 how to go to captain camos guide
hi, m nt able to gt the part wen m solving the 3x3 way.. at the part where I hav a complete yellow on the top .. blue n orange r solved.. the red n green hav the top paired edges in the wrong places.. this was also ther in the 4x4 bt I figured out tht 1.. I donno how to do it in the 5x5.. ny1 cn hlp??
I bought my son th Proferssor's cube after he mastered the 3x3. He played with it for about 45 minutes then announced that he had figured it out - even though he hadn't solved it yet. After about 5 more mintes, he had solved! No help. No lessons. Just good spacial skills. I'm in awe.
Im at a parody that on the last step where you make the cross on the top layer, I have every side except 1, I know there is an algorithm for my 4x4 but forgot it, and not sure how to do it on the 5x5. Help please? And also I have 2 corners correct on the top layer to start with, so I know there is an algorithm for the switching of 2 corners but can't find it in my manuals or on the internet. Can you please help me with this?
The parody Algorithm: 2Rr, 2B, 2U, Ll, 2U, Rr', 2U, Rr, 2U, 2F, Rr, 2F, Ll', 2B, 2Rr.<br>this may result in and edge swap (the opposite edges are swapped) put them in the TB and TF edges, and perform; 2Uu, 2Ll, 2U, 2l, 2U, 2Ll, 2Uu. that should fix those problems.<br>the algorithm to swap the two corners: place the two solved corners in the back of the cube (assuming the top is solved and not permuted) perform; R', F, R', 2B, R, F', R', 2B, 2R. email me at twpyromaniac@gmail.com if you have any other cubing questions
Thanks! I can solve the 2x2x2 and the 3x3x3 but I could never get more than the first layer of the 4x4x4 or 5x5x5.
Spent a whole week repairing a Rubik's 5x5 before getting the V-Cube 5. It literally fell apart in my hands!
BTW there is more than one parity error. there are actually 3 combinations you have to use the 2 algorithms in. you can probably do it with one but it's easy er to fix it all at one time when you get the 3 edges in the right places yet the middle one is turned the wrong way you can fix that in one move.

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