Picture of How to spin a pencil around your finger
You probably have seen someone do this.  It might have been that kid who sits next to you in math, or your co-worker, or maybe your best friend.  They effortlessly spin a pencil around their finger without a second thought.  You might have tried to copy them and failed or you might have dismissed it as something you can't do.  Well, you were wrong.  You can learn how to spin a pencil (or pen, or marker, or paintbrush, or screwdriver, or banana, or just about anything) around your finger with a little practice.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 To learn to do this you will need...

- a pencil (you might want an unsharpened one so you don't poke yourself)
- Your hands
- This instructable
- Patience

Step 2: The set-up

Picture of The set-up
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Photo 34.jpg
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To get started you want to learn the beginning position for your hand in relation to the pencil.  I will refer to this as "the set-up."

Take your pencil and position your pointer finger right next to the metal part of the eraser (see pic.)

Place your middle finger about a thumb-width down the pencil (also see pic.) 

Put your thumb (of the same hand) between your ring and middle fingers on the back of the pencil to stabilize the pencil.  

Step 3: The kick

Picture of The kick
Photo 26.jpg
 Now that you're familiar with the set-up, it's time to learn how to spin the pencil.  

To start, "kick" the pencil with your middle finger at the same time that you pull your pointer finger away from the pencil.  The feeling is similar to snapping. 

Just practice that and make sure the pencil is rotating around your thumb.  Remember not to use to much force and don't worry about catching it for now.
BirdG8 months ago

thanks for the left handed tutorial :D

Wobster2 years ago
smattman224 years ago
Im a drummer and i cant do this because there's no momentum. xD
SWV17875 years ago
I would love to see a video... with slow motion, commentary, girls in bikinis, and yeah a video for this instructable would be nice...
maybe some rocket cars, explosions, rock music, clips from funny videos, sweet acrobatic moves.... yeah, a video would help a lot to understand the concept.
possibly some keyboard cat, lightning bolts, clips from Full House, kickboxing and yes, a video would explain a bit better as well.
Don't forget the rickroll.
pokemon theme song playing all the way through the whole video,  except when it breaks to show the fresh prince theme song. and everyone in it is replaced with dinosaurs drawn in microsoft paint.
You forgot the awesome 10 ft giant plush of pikachu.
nope. he comes in at the end when you least expect it. and fights godzilla. and wins. and then you learn to spin a pencil.
kaboom!! (author) 5 years ago
 thanks! i'll start working on getting a  video up here.