Introduction: How to Spot Welding, Installing a BMS and Shrink Wrapping a Battery Pack.

These are the saved videos of a Periscope streaming we did a month ago.

You can learn to Spot welding a 13s4p 48V 18650 li-ion battery pack, installing a BMS on a 10s7p 36V 18650 li-ion battery pack and Battery meter and shrink wrap installing on a 13s4p 48V 18650 li-ion battery pack.

Feel free to ask us whatever you want.

Step 1:


mhron1 (author)2017-01-02

Cant see the first video in the USA for some reason? Can you give more info on spot welding? thank you

Mihemine (author)2016-01-03

What kind of solder would you recommend for soldering 18650's ?

dbuckley6 (author)2016-01-02

can you please put up a direct link to the video, as many devices won't play video without it . thanks

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