How to Spray Paint Art Planets on a Used Skateboard or Longboard





Introduction: How to Spray Paint Art Planets on a Used Skateboard or Longboard

For this project, I painted an used skateboard. First I sanded and primed it and cleaned up the grip tape. Of course, you can also use a blank board.

When finished you have a new graphic skateboard or if it is too old you can use it as wall art for your room.

It will take about 10-15 min. to do this project when you have everything ready.

I started with 3 planets, but did not like the yellow/orange one and sprayed so I sprayed over it again.

Make sure you have a mask for protection and gloves to make clean up easy.

Other items you need:

sandpaper to start with
different colors of spray paint (I used white, black, green, blue for this project)
different bowl and lids you have already at home
gloves (those latex ones)
paper and carton (paper for making the planets, carton for making the stars)

If you are looking for a new skateboard or longboard, either a deck or complete, go to



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This looks awesome really wanna try it