Step 6: The Showstopper

Picture of The Showstopper
Once you've allowed the whole thing to dry to the touch, simply peal back the stocking and viola scales.

Not real visible in the pics but that the effect I was looking for, I've added some of the gas tank that are more clearly defined.

Next step for the tank is to go back and shadow in under each one of the couple thousand scales to make it really pop out more.
angelabchua4 years ago
These are awesome!
LifeWarrior (author)  angelabchua4 years ago
Thank you,
jaxboy4 years ago
I really like your bike! Also, what others haven't picked up on is how the paint job is complemented by the pattern on the seat. Please do an addendum showing the bike after the shadowing! You might also want to do us all a great favor and next time show how you created the awesome flame masking. Great job!
LifeWarrior (author)  jaxboy4 years ago
I'll add it to my next instructable that I'm working on that illustrates other tricks and techniques, that is simply a base coat mask using really thin tape. When I finish the shadowing I will update possibly add it to the new article to demonstrate the effect.
As for the seat funny that you mention it I was planning on recovering it with a light green faux snake skin upholstery, however I haven't decided yet It might be too over the top.
grumpygrady4 years ago
you can also use old lace for a nice pattern
LifeWarrior (author)  grumpygrady4 years ago
I've tried lace to airbrush the designs on a cobras back once, it came out pretty good.
Yes it comes out nice ,I use the old lace in different patterns for my RC car body's which are painted from the inside out ,so you paint the details first and then go to the base color
LifeWarrior (author)  grumpygrady4 years ago
I've seen tons of techniques, I've never been able to do that from the inside out so intricately much less that small, Please do an instructable on this I'd love to see the technique
Wow! Great looking nice and sexy bike ... love riding it! Great work!!
LifeWarrior (author)  mkunapareddy4 years ago
Thanks, yeah i get some looks over it when riding.
I WANT YOUR BIKE ! its sexy :)
LifeWarrior (author)  curious youth4 years ago
Thanks, It's been a long process but really satisfying to see it start coming together.
Kaisei134 years ago
Nice technique! I would suggest switching your main picture though. It kinda looks like a water hose instead of painting awesomeness. Maybe the 5th picture on the last step.
LifeWarrior (author)  Kaisei134 years ago
I think I was kind of going for that subtle to wow approach see the effect close up not really getting a full view of how stunning the effect is until you've read through most of the instructable. I've read a lot of these and my favorites are the ones that build up to the finish.

LOL my wife says I've got to finish shadowing the scales in to get the full 3D effect, She says the up close pic kind of looks like a turtle shell, but a garden hose that's a first.let's just hope it "washes" away the competition.