Introduction: Sprout an Avocado From Seed

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Hi Everyone,

Sprouting an avocado seed is a lot easier than people think - check out this instructable to see how I sprouted this avocado sapling.

Step 1: Keep the Avocado Moist

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First, find the top part of the seed (the top part will have a pointy end).

Prick toothpicks into the seed and suspend the bottom half of the seed in a glass of water.

Then place the glass of water in a sunny spot.

Step 2: Change the Water Every 1-2 Days

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After a couple of weeks, the seed will crack.

After that a root will appear from the bottom of the seed.

And then after that, the seed will sprout from the top.

This entire process can take about 6-8 weeks.

If none of these steps have happened after 8 weeks then you should try again with a different seed.

Step 3: Plant Your Seed

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Once sprouted, you can plant your seed.

It doesn't really matter when you do this and some people grow their avocado seedlings quite tall only in a jar of water.

Step 4: Water Well and Place in a Sunny Spot

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And that's it! You've now sprouted an avocado from seed.


J Reid (author)2015-10-21

Gotta do this. I tried to plant the seeds in my green house. They all died :( . thx I'll try your way.

Growerer (author)J Reid2015-10-21

Great, definitely give it a go - I'm going to try out a few different ways and if they work better than the 'toothpick method' then I'll post another instructable soon

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