How to Spy Cam Using, a Webcam, and a Computer!





Introduction: How to Spy Cam Using, a Webcam, and a Computer!

The laptop featured here(a you-gee-ooh card box) is optional.

Step 1: Step 1: the Web

I highly recommend using high-speed internet(broadband, t1, dsl, or fiber optics)becouse this process needs lots of bandwidth(speed).Please direct your borwser(You can use any browser that supports flash) to

Step 2: Step 2: Setup

Setup The show (click the my shows button on the navigation bar) and remember to use a password. Activate this feature by going to the Advanced tab under the my shows.

Step 3: Step 3: the Attack

It's time! All you have to do now is click broadcast now and click start recording and Start Broadcasting. Then retreat to your secret area with your laptop. and watch as a burglary of your gameboy games and egos takes place and also watch as the dumb founded burglars are thinking there is no camera around. Later just tell your parents or friends that aliens invaded you and stole your 50 bucks!



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    Couldn't you just buy one of those remote connection programs then launch the webcam application remotely?

    did you say "oooooooooh bagel bites?" or was that just me?

    hi i just like to ask if this can view multiple cameras... like securing the whole house

    no, but logitech has a and other webcam companies have software for that

    couldnt anyone see your broadcast?


    thanks you for it work on the sony psp. i looked for a site like this for age!

    this doesnt work on psp! y would u think that?

    It's doesn't work on your psp because the PSP system has flash 8.0 and uses flash 10.0