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Okay, it might sound a bit hard to believe and I don't guarantee that it will always work (depends on how bad your motherboard's conditions are), but here is what worked for me (at least till now). When I plugged in the computer the led on the motherboard would light up, but when I would press the power button, nothing would happen; therefore I tried a little modification to the power supply and it worked till now. If you are interested, please move on to the next step.

Step 1: A trip to your toolbox

So, what you need is basically quite obvious:

1) An old motherboard
2) A (preferably old) power supply
3) The rest of the parts to function with your motherboard

The tools you will need are basically these:

1) Wire cutter
2) (preferably) Soldering iron
3) Solder
4) Insulation tape or shrink tubing.

You might want a screwdriver in case you want to take out your power supply to easily work on it.

Once you have the above materials you can get started.

Itservice2 months ago

This so useful for how start a dead condition motherboard. If you provide more information it will be so nice.

tofush0e5 years ago
this is so ghetto.

Some times, ghetto is the way to go. (That rythmed so well tho.)

partiale2 years ago
I don't know what is more mental; that I tried this with my lovely Corsair PSU, or that it worked a treat. Thanks so much! You saved me a good 100+ quid, have some cyber beer :)
hitachi85 years ago
This mode just turn the power supply on , immediatly when you put AC power in it ... Ohh and yes , this is a ghetto mod.
drresearch (author)  hitachi85 years ago
Correct, but it still made the motherboard start (in my case).
if it make your mobo run then your power swich was broken
Madrias3574 years ago
Nice! Now I have a way to make one of my projects work.
Scott_Tx5 years ago
Have to add this to my list of last ditch hacks to try after the warranty has expired.
lemonie5 years ago
Interesting and useful - any idea what caused this fault to occur?

drresearch (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Actually I don't know what might have caused the fault, but I have also another newer motherboard which also did the same thing, but I already replaced it and moved the CPU, RAM , etc. to the new board so I cannot try it on that board.