Step 6: Turn It On

It may take a few tries, but it should ignite. Sometimes it doesn't work, don't come crying to me if it doesn't.
<p>Just to clarify, do you turn the flashlight on and off until it catches or do you turn it on and leave it on until fire starts?</p>
<p>Realy cool and useful but i guess if you can pay a flashlight you will also be able to pay a matchbox</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing a piece of your knowledge! </p>
<p>here's a tip, use matches! it's easier and you don't waste perfectly good mag lite!</p>
No problem if you have trashed your torch starting a fire, and later you need to see where you're going. Simply use your cigarette lighter to illuminate your path.
haahah, right on!
Great instructable.... except you have ruined the flashlight and the girlfriend is going to be upset if she needs to pee in the middle of the night and no flashlight eh. LOL
she could use the torch fire as a light
better then she froze to death.
Very tasteful guidance on this step.....well-put.
don't touch my Mag
breaking the bulb is a bad idea. Tie a wire bread tie to a shoe lace and use a battery from the flashlight to make a fire. Just touch the ends of the wire to the battery. <br>
Why not just remove the cover....no offense....
ifire, no offense taken, but I believe that breaking it is just that much more fun.
u may think its fun but what if it rains and u need to use ur flashlight?
use the secondary bulb that comes with the maglight. (uswaly&lt; behind the spring in the battery holder, there is a secondary bulb.)
expensive way to make a fire (expecally in the middle of nowhere)
&nbsp;I guess we dudes that have moved onto microcontrolled &nbsp;LED based flashlights are boned unless we have some steel wool, even then I'd be afraid to burn out the current control :P &nbsp;Never tried popping steel wool with a single AA, a 9v is brilliant though.
The easier way is to just remove the cover, and the bulb. Then take some steal wool and touch it to the contacts. The steal wool will actually catch on fire, and you can put everything back together.
You are absolutely right. You don't have to break the glass out in either method. Why? The steel wool method that you described makes more sense. Both will work.
i don't think so i want this lamp also i prefer wood way :DD
i dont think the flashlight has to be big...
Interesting way to make fire
How many times does this work with the same flashlight? Only once? More?
Not sure about that. I would guess that it would work a few times. Probably more.
There are much better ways to start a fire in the wilderness without breaking a piece of equipment you may need.
Well Ronnieisaacs,...duh. I never said that there weren't better ways, I was just saying that this could be fun to do and it works. No offense, though.

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