Picture of How to start your own amateur sports team
Just because you graduated high school dosent mean it's over. You can still continue your sports career. In just   steps you can start your own recreational sports team.
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Step 1: Choose a sport

Figure out a sport that you like to compete in most people choose baseball but football is the most popular sport

Step 2: Choose League

Here's a list of leagues:

Deep South Football (south region only) 
United South Football (south region only)
North American Football League 

Mens Senior Baseball League

Step 3: Buy uniforms

Finding a sports store that has team uniforms is brutal but there might be some in your area.but there is


Step 4: Scedule games/ compitions

Picture of Scedule games/ compitions

Check back with your league to set up a team scedule.

Step 5: Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

Thats all you need to create your own sports team. I should update it with pics and more info soon have fun and good luck
kylekosan233 years ago