Step 2: Copy and Paste Key Text

Picture of Copy and Paste Key Text
Don't bother writing your own stuff, there are literally thousands of people who have already done this. Simply find one of those over-achieving do-gooders and copy and paste their text. For example, this disclaimer I'm using doesn't apply directly to stealing ibles, but it's close enough that most people won't notice anyway. Very few people read the text, it's all about the pictures. You can tell because many of the questions you'll run across in comments are directly addressed in the instructable itself. And, the best part? Cntl C, Cntl V. Bam, done. Even Emeril would be jealous.

I must tell you someting. If you are stupid enough to actually try this (besides us, it was all in the name of science) and you get hurt, it is not my fault! You were the one that tried it, and I cannot control what you do with this information. Anyway, there are some much more dangerous instructables out there. So don't try try this if when you get burnt you'll blame it on me. Got it? So don't be an idiot.
don't you dare it to do that by my or i give you up as an chief by the instructables staff
robotguy46 years ago
Or command C, command V if you're using a Mac...