How to Stop Windows Live Messenger From Popping Up on Startup.





Introduction: How to Stop Windows Live Messenger From Popping Up on Startup.

I have been recently annoyed with my Windows Live Messenger popping up on startup, cause I don't want to sign in every time I get on my laptop... So, I found a way on how to disable/enable this action, and I thought I would share it with the Instructables community!
P.S. I use Vista.
To make this work on XP, gmoon stated:
"In XP, you can also disable messenger from "Services", which is found under Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools..."

Antagonizer stated how to remove it from startup in a different way. He said:
1. sign on to windows live messenger
2. click the down arrow that lets you select online, busy, away, etc. and go to the bottom and select "options"
3. Choose the "general" tab
4. uncheck the box beside, "Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows.
5. Click the 'Accept' button.

...But that, for some odd reason, doesn't work for me. If it doesn't work for you...use my way. :)

Step 1: First

First, get to your desktop.

Step 2: Control Panel

Now go to your Start Menu, and select the Control Panel

Step 3: Change Startup Programs

Now click on "Change Startup Programs"

Step 4: Software Explorer

This will now bring up "Software Explorer."

Step 5: Find Messenger and Disable/Enable It

Now scroll through the list to find "Messenger" Once you have found it, click the "disable" button. To enable it again, just click "enable", or if you don't ever want it to pop up EVER then click "remove."

Step 6: Finished!

Now Messenger won't pop up every time you start up your computer! Enjoy...:)



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    Much easier for Vista - 1) click the down arrow at the top that indicates whether available, busy, etc. 2) click "more options" at the bottom of the scroll down box. 3) select "Sign in" from the box on the left. 4) uncheck "Start Messenger when I log on to my computer."

    the only way to prevent it from coming back every time you have to do a restore is to add and remove programs then find windows live and uninstall then you can select to just uninstall the messenger pain in my ars part of it, microsuck way to make something too annoying inconceivabley annoying to the point of having to either kill it or you gates or both cease and desist the force your asses to chat freaking wenus

    This is pathetically painful (not you Hoboman) having to get a whole new page for six new words. Instructables is only interested in selling its upgrades. I don't have the time needed to load the pages bloated with advertisements and gimmicks to read six words. So it's goodby from me....

    In XP, you can also disable messenger from "Services", which is found under Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools...

    I'm in XP and that doesn't work for me. In fact, it already has "startup type disabled" and service status is "stopped"

    Your instructions are lacking but you'll find them here:

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work in XP.

    I believe you are referring to the Messenger Service ( which is not the same as MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and whatever other names MS has given their IM client.

    The messenger service allows for pop-up messages to be sent across a LAN or AD Domain, usually for administrative purposes.  ie: "Everyone please log off by 7:00 so that we may begin maintenance."

    Okay, I'm going to the control panel, then programs, but there is no button saying "change startup programs". The only thing there is "uninstall". Is this something to do with windows 7 (which I am using)?

    Yes, I have since upgraded to Windows 7 and have a solution for you. But I have a question. What edition do you have? My solution may not work if you have home basic.

    Ah, therein lies the problem, as I am almost certain I'm using Home basic. Can I hear your solution anyways?