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Do you ever see ads or get popups when browsing the web? If you said no, you're either lying or already have done something similar to this instructable. This will cover how to install Mozilla Firefox, install the Adblock Plus extension, and get some ad lists for Adblock Plus to use. After doing all of these, you should almost never see any ads again.
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Step 1: Get Firefox

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You need to start by getting the Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you have it already, go to step 2. Go to and click on the big green button. This will let you download the latest version. Download the file and open it. It should let you install Mozilla Firefox. The usual, yes, yes, I agree, next, next, no I don't want the free home invasion camera, I,m sure, yes, install.

Congratz! You got Firefox. The first half is already finished- getting rid of popup ads.

What? No popups, just from installing a simple web browser?

YES! That's the beauty of it. But, you still see those ugly banner ads and even popups within the webpage. Below is instructables with and without the ads.

Step 2: Install Adblock Plus

Picture of Install Adblock Plus
Now that popups are taken care of, we need to install Adblock plus. This will keep Firefox from ever opening the flash ads, images, or even stop the script that loads ads. Go to and install the extension. It will warn you about installing unsigned code, etc. but it's from the Mozilla website, so you know it's clean. I've been using it for quite a while now.

So, it should have installed and asked you to restart Firefox. If you restart Firefox, it will keep the pages you were viewing and history and such. But, it needs some definition files to know what to block and work properly. This is covered in step 3.
theburn76 years ago
ABP sucks, it is a rip off and bogs down performance. get the original made by Michael Macdonald, and get the filter set g updater for it, much quicker, and blocks the same ads, without performance bogging
locofocos (author)  theburn76 years ago
I love how he thinks this sucks SO much and wants us to use something else, yet doesn't even give us the name of the "original" or maybe a link. Honestly, I would try it if you would tell me a little more about it.
here is the link are ya happy now 'OH SUPERIOR ACTING ONE!' Dont mess with the best. To make it work with firefox 3, click here and plz, i think you can do an easy yahoo search for the filterset g updater
cry_wolf7 years ago
I thought everyone knew this, i haven't seen ads in literally, years...
Flea7 years ago
I don't think you understand what messenger popups are. Messenger popups are popups sent through the Messenger service designed for administrators to send network related messages to computer workstations. Advertisers used this service to popup a message if a user was connected to the Internet. The state of the web browser was unimportant. The messenger service was disabled by default with SP2 for Windows XP, which would make an instructable about the messenger service virtually useless. Your instructable should be titled "How to block ads with Firefox". It doesn't relate to popups. All modern web browsers have built in functionality to block popups (IE, Opera, Firefox). Adblock doesn't block popups. Firefox is what blocks the popups.
locofocos (author)  Flea7 years ago
oh...... ok... better go change the name then. so much for free t-shirt..
i have this program, best program. i was sad at first that it would not show the pop ups and ads for store. but it still shows and i love this program :)
locofocos (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Hopefully this should get me a free t-shirt cause it's in the burning questions group. hopefully....