How to stop reaccurring annoying phone calls (bill collectors included)

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In a few easy steps, I will go over the process of stopping those nasty bill collectors and/or anybody you just don't want to talk to anymore. (Only works on cell phones with memory chip slots or the ability to go on the Internet or text messaging abilities).

we will be stopping them, by assigning them names in your contact list and assigning those names a blank ringtone so that you will never hear them call you again.

Step 1: Creating the silent sound file

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step one involves your prep work...

unplug your microphone from your computer (if you have a mic)

open your sound recorder... usually "start- programs- accesories- entertainment- sound recorder.

hit "record" and then hit "stop" a second or two later.

go to file- save as-

name it "blank" or whatever you want and save it in a place you can remember, like the desktop.
I have a better idea, PAY YOUR BILLS, I found it help stop those calls but also helps keep the economy from crashing, kinda like the recession we are in today :)
GBV4 years ago
I downloaded a call blocking app for my BlackBerry phone and have been happy ever since. No more cold calls and fishy messages. Try it out - http://www.everycall.us/store/, it may work for you as well. I found it quite by accident when I was stalked by a debt collector. Don't get me wrong, I don't owe any money. But somehow, this debt collector has gotten a hold of my number. They kept calling and leaving the same automated voicemail. It said that they are calling about an outstanding debt from Greg, and would Greg please call back between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Really annoying.
ryanmercer4 years ago
jailbroken iphone + iblacklist = I just give them a busy signal when they call
doo da do4 years ago
I just made a couple of do not answer contacts. The phone says do not answer.
Works for me. Try it let me know what you think.
feltonite6 years ago
On my Verizon phone, you can assign "no ring" option to a contact.
sleepybob_tx (author)  feltonite6 years ago
its about time someone came up with that... my phone still kinda plays a sound even tho i made it silent. kinda sounds like a hissing noise.
camb006 years ago
Another great way is to just say can you please put that in a letter and send it to me ok goodbye
sleepybob_tx (author)  camb006 years ago
lol, sounds like something my mom woulda told me
odiekokee6 years ago
Or, depending on how your service allows, you can auto-forward calls from a particular number to some other 'interesting' numbers. Works great for bill collectors, "your warranty is about to expire on your car", ex's, etc. Great numbers to forward to: 900 numbers, the police station, Chinese takeout...be creative. Just check your service to see that it doesn't credit those calls through your line, but instead to the line of the caller.
sleepybob_tx (author)  odiekokee6 years ago
LOL, thats great! i could even have it forwarded right back to the number they called me from!
eash6 years ago
This is a really good idea. I wish I'd thought of it before I paid $15 to have my number changed. Oh well, you live and you learn.