How to stop reaccurring annoying phone calls (bill collectors included)

Step 2: Making the blank ringtone with internet and transferring to your phone.

Picture of making the blank ringtone with internet and transferring to your phone.
go to www.cellsea.com

this is the place i go to to make my own ringtones... if you dont have an account with them, sign up, its totally free!

they have a ringtone maker on the page (online tools - ringtone maker) .

use that to upload your blank sound wav to the site (load from your pc - browse -' "wherever you put your blank wav that you made") .

name the ringtone at the top of the page and give it a category. it will give you the option to chop up your sound wav (if you were making a ringtone out of a whole song you would chop it into a smaller segment to get "just the chorus" or "just the guitar solo") , make it fade in (silent at first and gradually gets louder), make it fade out (ends by getting softer and softer until it is totally silent) , and save it in a high, medium or low quality (if you picked high quality and your phone for some reason says that the ringtone is too long, just make another one in low quality).

when you are done editing it (it shouldnt need any editing) click "create ringtone" (bottom left)
click "save it" when the next window pops up.

now you can "pc download" this will download the ringtone you made to your computer (totally unneccisary). you can "mobile web" this lets you access the ringtone from the internet on your phone. or you can "send to phone" this lets you text the ringtone to your phone.