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I have really curly hair and I don't want to ruin it by always using an iron. I found a way to straighten it naturally and love the effect my hair gets. It didn't give it the perfectly straight hair that an iron gives but it tamed my hair and made it pretty. It probably gives people with wavy or straight hair a straighter and smoother look. Plus, it makes my hair so much softer! The first picture is my normally curly hair when it was wet, and the second is my straighter hair the next morning :)

Step 1: Prepare your hair

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Your hair should be very wet; it's best to do it right after showering. Make a part on top then divide it on bottom and put a pony or something to keep one part separate.
Ive done this before and i have pretty frizzy;wavy hair and my mom told me to try it. my hair came out some what straight but i DID wake up with a headache and i would be able to see the clips .. I wish i had straight hair and there was a better way to get it
ms23 (author)  cherie.diazdtp5 months ago
Sorry to hear that :( I pretty much gave up trying to get straight hair ( I've only ironed my hair twice) and I embraced my curls. My curls are my trademark and I wouldn't give them up for anything. My hair used to be really frizzy but recently its been much smoother and softer. I think its because I started eating healthier this past year. I use Garnier Fructus Style anti-humidity smoothing milk after I shower and in the morning to tame it. It took me while to learn what's best for my hair; I stopped brushing it at all and only untangle the knots in the shower so the curls are more defined. It takes a lot of trial and error to find what's best for your hair and what makes you happy.

As for getting straight hair, you can look into long lasting treatments. My sister, who has hair like mine got a keratin treatment, which was all natural and her hair was slightly wavy without any frizz, even in the humid summertime. If you take good care of your hair it can last up to six months
TeenChains7 months ago

This is really not good for your health. By doing this you could get a head cold which leads to headaches and lightness on feet.It could also lead to pneumonia .. so don't try it!!

MargaritaP9 months ago

did it work

MargaritaP9 months ago

did it work

MargaritaP9 months ago

did it work

marybrybe9 months ago

Really interesting article! I tend to use some pro naturals argan oil and braid my hair before bed, that usually does the trick!

aliviah23111 months ago

When I tried this I got confused on how to pin it. I think it would be easier to put a small video with it next time.

I actually like your curly hair better!

gozbourne1 year ago

Try Karmin Products Line! I have been using the Karmin clipless curling wand for about a year now and love it. It such a versatile tool! I can use it to curl, wave or just simply add volume to my hair. I am most impressed with how long my curls stay in as I have really thick, stubborn hair but they last all day with just a touch of flexible hold hairspray after using this curling wand.

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very interesting content I liked so much.

here's something like this: http://howiw.com/How_to_Straighten_Your_Hair

ms23 (author) 2 years ago
I'd love to know how it comes out cuz I have really curly hair and it didn't come out perfectly straight, so maybe it will work better on your hair. If you can, I'd love to see pictures!
lstollen2 years ago
I'm going to try this cuz I have such curly/wavy hair and I LOVE it straight.
ms23 (author) 2 years ago
Let me know how it goes!!
Nice! I'll need to try this :)
ms23 (author) 2 years ago
Yup! I found it so amazing that I totally had to share it:)
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Cool did you get this from crazyrayray on youtube