video How to strike matches with one hand
The video shows one-handed striking of matches, from a box. These are safety matches, but other friction-matches strike in the same way.
Excellent! He did it without any confusion. I think it is not possible with wax matches. Because wax match sticks are not that much stiff.
bufordsboy5 years ago
strike any where matches are way better
they arent legal in Europe :/
lemonie (author)  bufordsboy5 years ago
The shop didn't have any in this box format and I thought Swan Vestas might be too easy.

jjjjake6 years ago
I can't do that cuz my matches come in packs of 250
pastmaster6 years ago
what is the difference between saftey macthes ad normal ones P.Si like the music
lemonie (author)  pastmaster6 years ago
"Safety" matches only strike on the box, regular friction matches will strike on a lot of rough surfaces. Safety matches strike more easily but the shop didn't have the other sort... The tune id "Walkey walkey walk tall" (little surprise there) by a Rastafari Reggae band called 10 Foot Ganga Plant (Hillside Airstrip album) L
I think that "safety" and "matches" are a contradiction in meaning.
lemonie (author)  the_mad_man6 years ago
How about "Less dangerous matches"? L
the_mad_man6 years ago
were would we be with out thumbs?
lemonie (author)  the_mad_man6 years ago
Quite, they're useful things! L
Jake Morton6 years ago
i think i like the music???
lemonie (author)  Jake Morton6 years ago
Do you though?

no not really
lemonie (author)  Jake Morton6 years ago
fwjs286 years ago
Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie, Yippie

its really cool...nice music
hg3416 years ago
wow your good with your handsyou need to do card tricks
lemonie (author)  hg3416 years ago
Ah, I possibly should - thanks for the suggestion. L
pretty cool...pretty cool