How to Strip Insulation Off of Many Wire Sizes in 30 Seconds or Less


Introduction: How to Strip Insulation Off of Many Wire Sizes in 30 Seconds or Less

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The video demonstrates cutting the wire to length, and then placing it in the stripper slot (testing with the slot slightly bigger to make sure you are not in too small a slot) and then squeezing the device to make a clean removal of the insulation.



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    So basically you go to the hardware store, buy a $70 wire stripping tool, and use it. Is that what you demonstrated?

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    Actually, I think mine cost me less then $12. It's been so long ago I can't remember. But it couldn't have been above $15 at the time.

    Mine is plastic and cost about $15. In the dark light yours looks like one of the really good ones ;-)

    ive got one thats about 10 years old i wouldnt trade it for anything ! its a really good high quality one Its a must have for making electromagnets i hate using pliers to take wire off

    Well, it is metallic, but it is not a self-adjustment kind. It has little slots for different sized wires and insulations, and wires that fall in between, can be a bit harder to strip with this tool :-)

    Good to see you bot this in the 30 second video contest Goodhart, will be back to give you a vote. 5

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