Picture of How to strip the paint off your bike
I bartered for a bike recently and I was not digging the purple color scheme so I decided to paint it! In order to end up with a professional looking paint job I stripped all the paint off the frame to bare metal. Primed it. Then I painted it my favorite color with automotive paint and finally coated it with 5 coats of automotive clearcoat.

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Step 1: Here's what you need!

Picture of Here's what you need!
~Paint Stripper.
I use citristrip as it's a little easier on the environment and the human body (aka magicsauce)
~Cling wrap
cling wrap keeps all the solvents and special magical chemicals in the magicsauce right up in the paint's grill
~a brush
tooth brushes work really well to spread around the magic paint peeling goop (just don't use it afterward to brush your teeth
~Sand paper
scuff the paint first it makes it easier for the magicsauce to do its work.

Step 2: Coat it!

Picture of Coat it!
Brush the magicsauce all over and wrap it with the clingy plastic wrap (unlike your ex girlfriend or boyfriend clingy is good in this situation)

Step 3: Peel off the plastic and brush the paint away

Picture of peel off the plastic and brush the paint away
I left something out. for this you really should have some sort of rubber gloves, also a wire brush or steel wool really helps get the paint off the frame. make sure to get it out of every nook and cranny!

Step 4: Paint it!

Picture of Paint it!
There are other great instructables on how to paint your bike so I'll leave it for someone else this time.
remember- BE CAREFUL!
chemicals are super bad for you
magicsauce is basically fatal if you ingest it or stuff like that also DON'T GET IT ON YOUR SKIN!!!

that's all

Happy Flighting!