Step 4: Paint It!

There are other great instructables on how to paint your bike so I'll leave it for someone else this time.
remember- BE CAREFUL!
chemicals are super bad for you
magicsauce is basically fatal if you ingest it or stuff like that also DON'T GET IT ON YOUR SKIN!!!

that's all

Happy Flighting!
this helped me a lot, I actually tried it and here are my results. I bought the magicsauce and I must say I re-named it lamesauce. I put it on wrapped it with glad cling and left it for 24 hours. No bubbles, and it took 2 3" pieces of paint off. So I went to my shed and found some old paint stripper called Klean strip k-3 premium stripper. I took a paint brush and within seconds the paint was bubbled up. Right now it's been about half hour since I did it and it's all flaked and falling off. so your suggestion did help since I had started sanding it and gave up within half hour however the goop you used didn't work for me. thanks though
How long did you leave the wrap on ?
Good question! Forgot about that one. It really depends. If you use a really strong aircraft stripper it goes pretty fast. On some places on this frame I let it sit over night. Basically until the paint bubbles up and can be wiped/brushed off. So 2-12 hours. Hope that helps

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