Step 2: Attach weight

Picture of Attach weight
I made sure that when I taped the weights to the flap, there were no loose ends to get caught up in the blade. (I'm lazy, but not so lazy that I want to see what happens when cast iron meets whirling steel!) I also checked to see if the weights stretched the flap out, making it able to get caught in the blades. In both cases, I was safe. In my next revision, the roller I build will attach to the mower, and roll a few inches behind the flap. Once I was taped up and safe, I got to mowing! The weight will now bend your grass in the direction you mow, giving it that professional "I'm so important that I have to hire a landscaping crew because my time is far to precious to work on the lawn" look. Have fun, and let me know if you come up with some cool designs. I read somewhere that one guy mows it in a diamond pattern, but changes the length for the crosscuts, giving him a 3-d look to his lawn. If anyone does this, please send me some photos!
mikevanL6 years ago
If cutting the lawn isn't enough, why not push around an extra ten pounds with that mower. Haha still a great idea though.
It's sure to burn the lard off your butt, fatty!
sföxx4 years ago
I like the idea.. but being even lazier I just bought an old second hand cylinder mower for a couple of hundred bucks (motorized/self propelled). I did have to sharpen the blades up first though. They are built with big heavy rollers that drive them (no wheels).. which in the process stripe the lawn if you mow in alternate directions of course. Cuts a hell of a lot neater and better than a rotary as well.
SugarTeen528 years ago
Wow, talk about making a dull job fun. Congrats on keeping it simple and not telling people to buy stuff they can't afford!
I always wanted to know how its done.
mcline9 years ago
This is really cool.