Picture of How to survive a zombie out break!
This is a true survival method that will actually keep you alive and not screwed in the end.
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Step 1: What will be discussed in this instructable...

Picture of what will be discussed in this instructable...
We will be going over the necessary steps that must be taken to survive.

So lets set the mood...

Step 2: The mood...

Picture of the mood...
So you wake up and go about your normal routine without even stopping to think about anything: smack the clock to shut the dang thing up, get up, go to the bathroom, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and get downstairs. Something is different for some reason. Everything seems so aerially quiet. Still you go pore yourself a cup of coffee and take a quick seat to watch the news...
You’re struck dead by what you are seeing. Limbless bodies, wrangled with broken bones and missing pieces of flesh filling that of a city street, breaking into stores and houses without concern. The news lady finally comes on: "this is live from downtown Manhattan; I repeat this is live and going down right now. It appears that a viral infection has struck and is spreading quickly. we don't have much info on it but we can tell you the virus seems to have some affect on the human body, killing the host and reanimating it within hours.... this truly will be a test of humanity.....I'm sorry. it is advised that you stay indoors, lock all doers and windows and close and blinds. We will keep you informed with any updates that might arise."
Then it hits you: you only live about 5 hours away from Manhattan. you start to freak out a little but you quickly grab a hold of yourself, or at least you try. Your head starts to fill with questions. What's going on right now? Why is this happening? What am I supposed to do? How can I make it out of this alive? ... Is this the end?

Now that the mood has been set, these are the steps that would for sure ensure your survival.
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BearFist4 years ago
if i snap there neck (i do ninjutsu) wil they die and ombies probably will get problems with scavangers insects flies and general decomposing not to mention that the muscle will be stiff and and there blood no longer liquid even further imobilizing them a big deal might be the stench after a few summer days... and its not just uncomfortable i have helped getting a body out of a crack in the rocks that was there for 5 hot days i thought i would die
lmsvv BearFist2 years ago
Dear God, One you are a Terrible liar, Two I highly doubt authorities got a civilian to help remove a dead body, Three you can barely spell or use correct grammar, Four All these facts combined considering ninjutsu was developed so that the practitioners would be Intelligent, athletic and good at deception I highly doubt you actually do Ninjutsu, But Props for spelling it correctly.

yay a smart person

Alek_Shlanka4 months ago


I am afraid to inform you of the fact that you are the most idiotic waste of cells I have ever heard of on this planet. If my brains were brutally smashed and mutilated and put into your skull, they would have more intelligence than you do now. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse, you would definitely not survive.



jackmaster5 months ago

Nope no zombies but something much worse.................................... Tax collectors

jackmaster5 months ago

p.s. You got a little red on your shirt

GET_STARTED10 months ago

its good but you mist alot of things that would of cept you alive even more longterm, first you carnt do ANY of this by your self. so many people think team work does nothing, slows you down, gets you killed, well there wrong think of a bully or bullys thay would always have more than one or two people ganging up on you, think of the military without soldiers we would be nothing but dead bodys and dust, you think we could win a war with just one man..... NOO, team work has saved so many lives and it works all the time it dosen't matter if you dont like that person its a matter of life or deth. you find ANY one in that area you take them even if its a child you need numbers in a zombie out break, team work could be the most powerfull thing a human could ever do. so... now you see how team work is... you have a team you are done. Thank You

GET_STARTED10 months ago

ever since the cave man time, it is the pashon of HUNGER, stright away the dead body gets up and starts walking looking, looking for what i hare you may say hes looking for food, us we are there food. THERE WAS THAT GOODEN ENOUGH. you guys who dont belive well theres more. the possiblity of a zombie out brake in the ner future is...40% and it rises evry yaer by 2 too 4%. there is somthing out there and its coming!

GET_STARTED10 months ago

you guys must be the most stupid people ever!!. ok ok im here to explain how a zombie outbrake (CAN) happen. frist after deth your brain is still alive aleast for a hour or sothats enough time for the body to reanomate. wen you die the cells die to. the virus that holds the kye to being a zombie can reanomate your cells, now there have been many humans who have lived without a haert beat, strange right well it gets better, the virus can still grab a hold of your brain, your brain norel system will still be working there for the virus can take over and reanomate a dead body, its just a dead body nothing else.. well that what you would think, the brain funcshon has repering reanomateing the dead cells, your DNA in the cells never die out so the virus takes hold of the DNA and changes it, now your DNA can say evry thing about you, you can laern evrytning about broken bones to damaged teshue, so the virus re rights your DNA and what is all left is one thing what has always cept us alive what has breing us to here

gotenko111 year ago
i offer my services as a black belt in karate unknown inventor and a part time blacksmith
This is a great idea. If the zombies come im calling you realchemist.
Quick-tune1 year ago
Not much use to us here in the UK... we don't have a zombie problem - they are all kept in the houses of parliament
bunit1212 years ago
Also learn how to make fire with no tools like getting wood and making embers then putting the embers in hay and start a fire
Plo Koon2 years ago
ok, has anybody here ever actually been in a zombie outbreak? i think not. zombies dont exist. however, they are pretty good intertainment.
Dude have you read the news lately there is this guy who is making a zombie like army and they eat the flesh off people
uh huh. sure. heres a thot. if he was howd he get them to not eat him
Well yeah i didn't say he was a smart evil scientist

in that case, he couldnt hav made mor than 2 or 3, and i hardly think that qualifies as an "army"
And no that's no prank!
Actually, there was a zombie outbreak in some city. It was just people in costumes though but it scared the living daylights out of people :D
that is the most epicest prank
Totally :D
Great job i hunt many things being a vampire (read my profile for more details)
but I've never hunted a zombie by the way i don't think zombies are smart enough to run after people since half of them won't have heads/legs to run after you or see you
Plo Koon2 years ago
Demonice3473 years ago
That's the problem you see, i'm faster by myself and others will only slow me down...... loved ones should be forgotten and all emotion should be fully concealed. The only thing i would need is a safe haven, my 357., and my 22. rifle i've tested myself and the longest i can go without eating is 9 days and 3 hours after that i begin to vomit.
16kuokhc13 years ago
Made in china is OK
16kuokhc13 years ago
Message to zombie in the first picture: Nice hoodie!
Also, when seeking out people, find your nearest military or national guard base. they'll probably be the best suited to help you. A note on places to hide, go to Colorado or New Mexico, and find a ski lodge. no way a zombie getting up that hill. Head to another continent if possible. Down Under would be good.
We get zombies here in Australia as well, tho. But if you do come here, there are plenty of islands to hide on if they do follow you. Zombies can't swim. Only problem coming here would be bringing your weapons and foodstuffs in through Customs. It's illegal to have any firearms here without a gun license.
what if fish get mutated, eh?

p.s. if it's an zombie apocalpse, i highly doubt that people will be worrying about
gun licenses, if they do then well... no comment.
First, just because the fish are mutated, doesn't mean that getting to an island is out of the question. You just use a boat (duh).

Second, while, true, no-one would take licenses into account during an apocalypse (unless there's no such event here), the requirement for the licenses makes them a rather inconvenient weapon, since there is a significant lack of suppliers in Australia (and the risk trying to get them through customs).
if they are mutated to a point then a boat wouldn't help much.

p.s. what about mutated kangaroos or even more terrifying... mutated kuala bears

p.s.s. serious about the kangaroos.
we already have mutant koalas. they're called drop bears. large, vicious creatures that fall from trees and eat people. somehow, I don't think a zombie virus would actually mutate fish to the point where they could, for example, eat through the hull of a boat. if anything, they would simply become zombies like the humans, only they wouldn't last as long, since they don't have as much body mass to fall off and the water would slowly strip it as they swim. kangaroos, on the other hand, would be slightly more problematic. although, I think they may be more likely to moan "graaaass" than "braaaains", what with them being herbivorous and all.

I'd be more interested to see what would happen with zombie drop bears, actually...

also, hate to be nit-picky, but it's p.p.s. not p.s.s. (post post script rather than post script script). just clarifying.
Purple Guy3 years ago
Great guide man!
to start i thought you were just going to be some nerd who was copying a game or something. as i read on i was going holy s##t this person actually has some pretty good legit advice. a few pages later i was like if there ever is a zombie appoclpse im going to ingnore that first advice and chill with this person. awesome and thorough. good job 8)
thealchemist16 (author)  monkeywarrior3 years ago
thankya very much sir hahaha i wrote this so long ago its not even funny but wow people still read it cool, yeah i read all the others on her and they all sai
"get food, have a shotgun, shoot them in the heaad" blah blah blah, they never were legit or anything you know so i thought id try and do one for real and i spose i did alright, i could go through and add some extra stuff revise a little, but i greatly appreciate the good review :)
Xthinker3 years ago
If you dont want to be stressed you could just kill yourself...
chewtoy14 years ago
most ideal stronghold would be an abandoned military bunker or nuke shelter
ofc zombie rule #1 is gather supplies stay in the hole and wait for things to blow over ... wait for 3- 5 months n the carcasses r rotted
chewtoy14 years ago
step 5 is enough to make urself killed or infected

fishing lines is a no no expect dead bodies on seas or rivers and for that fishes might get infected with virus

BraisedDuck4 years ago
umm a bit skeptical bout u saying that walking dead can't do even the simplest of tasks. example the zombies from left 4 dead or 28 weeks, though they can't sneak in a window, a large number can still bring down the door(and possibly the wall)
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