Step 6: Gathering others/ finding a stronghold...

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Ok now that we have learned the basics for supplies we need to go over whom we can bring with us and where we are going to go when or if they arrive.

Building your army: when doing this you need to consider the following: Who is the most important to me? How far away do they live? Do they have any particular skills that make them more valuable? Are they able to get where I am and are they sick? And other questions like these. I understand some of these are pretty hard questions, especially when you thought you were just going to call up all of your family and friends and invite them over for a pleasant zombie survival day. Well you need to strongly think about all the questions. 1 who is most important to you? Well that would be family and friends for sure. Now consider this, how far away are they? If your girl friend lives an hour away well than you don’t want to be sitting there for an hour while you could be getting a head start on your evac. Limit your loved ones (as hard as that might seem or be at the given time) to a maximum half hour away from your house. Anyone you can reach or get a hold of in this range you should invite as fast as possible. If they don’t pick up the phone after twice, three times max you should consider them dead or close to. Don’t be a hero and endanger yourself and others trying to get over to someone’s house because they mean so much to you. They could be infected and you could have fallen clean into a trap and endangered your whole group. Now that you have contacted the ones within the half hour mark consider anyone with skills like an electrician, blacksmith, carpenter, medic, engineer, and martial artist, also anyone that may be a bit weird or have a creative mind. Yes that sounds dumb but they don’t think like others and are great at coming up with plans and are usually unaffected by what is going on around them as easily as say a straight minded scientist. Any other creative and skilled trades people should be considered and if valuable enough should try to be contacted, instead though tell them to meet you at where you are going and not your house this will ensure that you get out as soon as possible.

Now we should cover strong holds or bases to consider.

Base: think of it like this if and when you do gather your group where should you go. You can’t exactly board up your house with a possible 20 other people in it. There would be no room for anyone to move around and people would start to go crazy. Think of the safest most secluded place you know. If you live in the middle of damn near no where than just sitting it out inside your house would probably not be such a bad idea. You probably know how to do just about all that you need to survive and don’t really have anyone close that lives around you. Any other case though the ideal place would be somewhere high up like in a mountainous area above the snow line. Still not everyone has these options. Here are some suggestions.
+ A near by school
+ A secluded house in the woods that has been abandon for some time
+ An old underground bunker or storage seller (the most ideal)
+ A large house with stone walls and few windows
+ Any relatively good sized building that has thick walls and is easily fortified. When choosing this building think about the following. dose it have large windows, how many entrances/ exits are there, is it easy to fortify, dose it supply my group with enough room and protection, dose it have generators or dose it have some other alternative source of energy, dose it have any useful supplies that may be valuable to our survival. These are all important questions to ask your self when coming up with a hold up.
Now other places should be avoided. When considering a places to stay away from think of the most important places in your city/ town. Town hall, your local high school, a church or even the police and or fire station would be a great place to stay away from because they are considered hot spots for people to show up at. Also other places like big chain supermarkets or stores like Wal-Mart and Costco would be great places to stay away from because you probably won’t be the only one running around trying to gather supplies and find somewhere safe to stay. There will be other people looting and trying to find stuff or a place to hold up in. if you come into contact with another group at your location, try to work things out without violence. You will find that people will be much more willing to join than to cause trouble in the beginning. They just want to get somewhere safe.
Now that we know some pros and cons of some of the places I should also tell you not to listen to the news when they say go to the designated safe zones. These will be the hotspots for future groups of zombies to attack. Plus if the infection is in the camp itself, it will spread faster than you could react.

Now that we have gone over those I would just like to tell you my plan as of so far. I have narrowed down my select group of people and I live no more than a few hundred yards from a middle school. All the people I have chosen are actually friends and family but still they have skills and other useful thing that make the ones I have chosen very valuable to have with me. Plus the middle is not really a main hot spot for activity. It has large stone/ brick walls, bullet proof double pain half inch glass windows that are easily coverable with papers or desks, not to mention the big safe steel doors that line the building and the surveillance system. All of which make it a relatively easily spot to convert into a bunker/ safe house.

Now I will tell you how to fortify and or get your base up and running.
bunit1212 years ago
Also learn how to make fire with no tools like getting wood and making embers then putting the embers in hay and start a fire
Demonice3473 years ago
That's the problem you see, i'm faster by myself and others will only slow me down...... loved ones should be forgotten and all emotion should be fully concealed. The only thing i would need is a safe haven, my 357., and my 22. rifle i've tested myself and the longest i can go without eating is 9 days and 3 hours after that i begin to vomit.
Also, when seeking out people, find your nearest military or national guard base. they'll probably be the best suited to help you. A note on places to hide, go to Colorado or New Mexico, and find a ski lodge. no way a zombie getting up that hill. Head to another continent if possible. Down Under would be good.
We get zombies here in Australia as well, tho. But if you do come here, there are plenty of islands to hide on if they do follow you. Zombies can't swim. Only problem coming here would be bringing your weapons and foodstuffs in through Customs. It's illegal to have any firearms here without a gun license.
what if fish get mutated, eh?

p.s. if it's an zombie apocalpse, i highly doubt that people will be worrying about
gun licenses, if they do then well... no comment.
First, just because the fish are mutated, doesn't mean that getting to an island is out of the question. You just use a boat (duh).

Second, while, true, no-one would take licenses into account during an apocalypse (unless there's no such event here), the requirement for the licenses makes them a rather inconvenient weapon, since there is a significant lack of suppliers in Australia (and the risk trying to get them through customs).
if they are mutated to a point then a boat wouldn't help much.

p.s. what about mutated kangaroos or even more terrifying... mutated kuala bears

p.s.s. serious about the kangaroos.
we already have mutant koalas. they're called drop bears. large, vicious creatures that fall from trees and eat people. somehow, I don't think a zombie virus would actually mutate fish to the point where they could, for example, eat through the hull of a boat. if anything, they would simply become zombies like the humans, only they wouldn't last as long, since they don't have as much body mass to fall off and the water would slowly strip it as they swim. kangaroos, on the other hand, would be slightly more problematic. although, I think they may be more likely to moan "graaaass" than "braaaains", what with them being herbivorous and all.

I'd be more interested to see what would happen with zombie drop bears, actually...

also, hate to be nit-picky, but it's p.p.s. not p.s.s. (post post script rather than post script script). just clarifying.
chewtoy14 years ago
most ideal stronghold would be an abandoned military bunker or nuke shelter
ofc zombie rule #1 is gather supplies stay in the hole and wait for things to blow over ... wait for 3- 5 months n the carcasses r rotted
Katthe5 years ago
Akshuly, i think that you would have moar chance of surviving, if you keep moving. I think, that cargo vans with some modifications(spiky armor, bigger fuel tank) would do their best in that role.
2Tfox Katthe5 years ago
if you run out of gas, try to refuel in an infested area, crash, a tire falls off, or can't get out of your van because the zombies are swarming outside the van, you're dead. and if the spiky armor severs the spine, there will be crawling zombies, which you don't want. they can hide in tall grass, pipes, and other places.
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
um how the hell do you contact the other people safly without using a phone because the chances are that the phone lines will be down