Step 6: Vehicles

Picture of vehicles
here are the things you are going to need to get from place to place.

flatbed  truck- all terain, and the bed can be used to carry suplies or to shoot while on the go.
a bus- great for carring supplies, large amounts of people, and rely hard for a zombie to get into.
tanker truck- you are going to need a lot of gas to get to a safer location.

Anything rugged, will do you fine.
jrichey14 years ago
mmm.....yup...ok if we had bus.....we would carry more people on bus or truck or something like truck agree?
timmycutts4 years ago
considering the circumstances, i don't think anything that big would be productive. the only ppl going out would be fighters. besides, i'm sure in an outbreak, the army would provide armoured vehicles
tillo5 years ago
you may want to get a ferrary since no one else is going to use them.
a bus may be too big been an attraction for zombies yet again i say big gorups are not the best way to survive zombie outbreak but if you have a big group a buss may be a great veicle (if you shot all the windows and solder their frames so no glass may be broken by zombies it will be like your own impenetrable fortress so all the people inside will be safe)