Surviving minecraft is easy if you're playing single player , but in a multiplayer server , it's totally different . It's not HARDER , the rules are different . In single player , you can burn a forest and make it flat , then build your mansion , but in multiplayer servers , fire spread is disabled . Same with many other stuff .

This guide will help you survive in ONLINE minecraft .

Your main enemies in single-player are mobs and the worst ones are the creepy creepers . Your main enemies in multiple-player are other players and the worst ones are the greedy griefers :D

Step 1: 1- Find the Right Biome

A FOREST is a good biome in single-player but not a good one in multi-player . Same with a mushroom island or etc. So what biome is the best choice in online minecraft ? The answer is PLAINS / SAVANNA . Jungle and forests are bad , same with roofed forests and all other similar stuff . Extreme hills , on the other hand , is good in multiplayer but plains / savanna is better . Mesa and icy biomes are also good . But plains are very common and can be found easily . Desert is also a great biome , only if it's near a river or source of water (desert well , ocean , etc.)

SWAMPLAND is another great biome . Almost as good as plains and savanna , maybe even better , but it's not good for a new player because you need long-range weapons to fight those witches ! (i.e , Bows , (other stuff added with mods such as crossbows and blowguns , cannons , etc.) , dispensers armed with good stuff (preferably fireballs) , TNT cannons (not as long-range as dispenser weaponry but the fact that they shoot explosive TNTs makes them awesome ! )

So , if you're a new player , search for a "plains" biome , or a savanna . When you found one , go to next step . But if it's night , just do /sethome OR /esethome (try both) and then type /spawn . wait 7.5 minutes or just close the game and return later .

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