Step 2: The knife

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A knife is always important wether it's for sharpening sticks for traps, gutting animals or cutting sticks down to size to make a bivvy. A knife has come in handy to me more times than you could shake a stick at. lol...

You can make a knife but i find this to be a time consuming effort and is nearly pointless compared to some of the knives you can find on the market. i will however put a link in just incase you were curious with this instructable

I personally always carry a swiss army knife that has a lock on it whenever i go camping, you could however use a bog standard swiss army knife without a lock: upside is it does more stuff (you could probably find one out there with and umbrella on it) downside is you have to be careful because it wont lock. on the other hand a simple lock knife without any add ons is good: upside is it's light weight and simple, downside is there is nothing on there like a can opener or a fish scaler etc. If you really want to go over the top and do infact find yourself stuck in a particularly dense part of the woods/jungle you may want to have a machete handy. i got one whilst i was in uganda and i havent regreted it since.

regarding the machete my parents beg to differ....
jrsh927 years ago
The Opinel knives, as shown in the picture, are wonderful for just about everything. Easy to sharpen, inexpensive, with a good lock, and long lasting if treated correctly. Make sure to dry them out and then oil them or the wood soaks up water, swells, and the knife becomes VERY hard to open-- it's essential to have the knife dried and well oiled before going out in the woods, you'll never get it dry if it's raining and you might not have oil to treat the handle with while you're out there. Always have stuff like that in good condition, sharp, and otherwise well prepared ahead of time.
I think those are the old "school trip to France while the teachers not watching" knife very famous, very good, and you can get them pretty much every where with lanes i.e. Brighton, London, some place in France where the teachers weren't paying attention
greenwing hero (author)  jrsh927 years ago
yeah, i had heard about them long before i went to get one and it was twice as good as any knife in there that cost twice as much. generally a good all round knife, if looked after like you say
flubs5 years ago
 my dad OKed a machete for me. just to cut thorns in our ranch and to chop coconuts and pineapples

gungecko7 years ago
maybe 2'3"
gungecko7 years ago
ive got a machede from vietnam