Step 3: Altoids survival kit

Picture of Altoids survival kit
This is a fairly handy thinggummywhat thats has served it's purpose many a time.

It is essentially a small tin full of everything you might need to get through the night in not only a forest/jungle but anywhere. the contents of each survival kit varys from whoever has made them, but you cannot buy these and everyone is homemade.

It saves money compared to shop bought survival kit, but more importantly it could save your life

For my survival kit i took an old mint tin and filled it with:

-7 matches
-2 match strikers sellotaped to the inner top of the tin
-a birthday candle
-a light, compass and whistle combo thing
-a fair amount of dental floss
-a fair amount of soldering wire
-a fair amount of tin foil
-the tin
-the elastic band holding the tin together

Things i should have in my survival kit:

-some duct tape
-a small sealable bag of some sort

Reasons for having those things in the tin

-matches: always handy for starting fires
-strikers: handy for starting the matches to start the fire =]
-candle: it burns for a long time so helps greatly to start fires
-a light, compass and whistle combo: the whistle is good for getting attention, as is the light and the compass is good for navigation
-dental floss: it is nearly clear when lay out in a trap
-soldering wire: strong wire for binding
-tin foil: good for cooking things in and holding things to keep them dry
-the tin: holds everything and you can cook small things in there
-elastic band: holds the tin together and is good for bindings

-duct tape: very good at fixing things. i've heard many a story where people have used to duct tape in the wilderness
-small sealabe bag: keeps things dry and fresh

There is a more extensive kit here, but my tin was small so i was severly limited =[
instead of matches use flint and steel(4 matchings ain't going to last very long)
Sparrowhawk6 years ago
Hey I've got one of those Karrimor whistles, it came with my shoes. I chopped out the light and it's now a 2GB pen drive. Useless in the woods but fun all the same :)