Introduction: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalpse

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In this instructable i will teach you how to survive a zombie apocalpse.


Step 1: WEAPONS and Protecive Gear Part 1

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you will need, a vest, a helmet, arm and leg pading, and some steel toe boots to stop the H@#$ out of a zombies head.

Step 2: Weapons

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you will need a wepon(s) to survive but only two remember the more weapons you carry the heavier it is plus ammo

i reccomend any two of these

mp5k: a small, and compact version of the mp5 submachine gun.
caliber:9mm parabelum

Uzi: most well known, the uzi was developed in 1947 by major uzi gal if the IDF. also extremely easy to use with a fast fire rate
caliber:9mm parabelum

glock 17 : well known pistol, used by most today.
caliber: 9mm parabelum

spas 12 : extremely rare and powerful shotgun, featuring a dual action mode this shotgun is hard to beat.
caliber: 12 gauge shotgun shells

m1911: very powerful and famous pistol, the m1911 was developed and produced in 1911 and fires a powerful cartridge

Step 3: Shelter

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 hide in a bunker and have a stock pille of food ready.

and if needed secure the bunker with wood or steel

Step 4: How to Kill a Zombie.

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aim for the head and legs.

Step 5: With These Steps You Might Survive... THE ZOMBIE Apocalspe

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good luck....


Minecrafter18 (author)2014-06-30

I just saw this on your page.

Um... Who actually believes in the 'zombie apocalypse'? I know another way to survive a 'zombie apocalypse'. Just don't believe it, and hope they don't kill you. Although, that does seem too 'simple'. Doesn't it?

Denial won't stop a zombie from eating your brain. Most zombie prep is applicable to other types of disasters, e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, civil unrest in response to a failed government. But you probably don't believe in those things either.

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