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So you've finally given in to they hype and bought Minecraft.Great!Now,you just have to figure out how to play it.Sounds easy,right?Unfortunately,the Minecraft "universe" is vast and confusing.What's worse is that Minecraft doesn't come with tutorial levels.Not even written instructions.

I've written an in depth instructable to help you survive your first day.At the time I wrote this,Minecraft is in Beta.I'll update the instructable if enough people want me to.

If you have a question,or a comment,please feel free to tell me down below in the comment section.That's what it's for,right?

NOTE:Updated for 1.8.Updates are in the last two steps.

Step 1: A description

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Just some description about Minecraft-When you create a world,a world is randomly generated.Yes,randomly.Every world is different.

So go ahead and click on one of the empty worlds.It'll randomly generate a world for you,and then we can begin.

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TimmyMiller4 years ago
where do i get minecraft
paperclip32 (author)  TimmyMiller4 years ago

It's currently in Beta so it's half price.When the full game comes out,it'll be about 20 euros.
Minemaker3 months ago


Rosetta115 months ago

This was a good. progress

Who ever made this.

Rosetta115 months ago

This was a good. progress

Who ever made this.

Rosetta115 months ago
MatteoM10 months ago

The sun should be setting by now,and you don't want the monsters to come
into your nice space, so you'll want to make a door. Arrange your wood
like pic 2,and put it down (right click) wherever you want your door to be.Make sure
that your home is sealed,though(pic 3)

If you want to open the door, simply right click it.

Sorry for correction, I'm new to minecraft and it wasn't clear to me to right click to put down the door. Furthermore, to open door, it's a right click :)

catlily11 months ago
Wow! So detailed! To bad i only have minecraft P.E and xbox edition....
lukeD4 years ago
don't worry about monsters!! go to your options and put the game in peacefull. simple as that!
EthanN1 lukeD1 year ago

I only went peaceful because the creepers destroying your dwelling seemed OP to me but I just found that if you turn cheats on and go LAN you can type a code (something like "/gamerule griefMobs false") in and it makes it so creepers only kill you and not harm the environment. So now I have mobs on cause I found that out and now I feel I won't get my hard work destroyed.

This is true but most legit players will want to at least play in easy mode

paperclip32 (author)  lukeD3 years ago
I prefer playing with monsters,and I advise first timers to play with monsters on,it's a million times more exciting and scary.

Thank you! I always needed help on doing this, so thank you very much!

Thanks i will try it and hopefully succeed and im almost done

tech dawg3 years ago
impressive right now i have a castle in survival!
zoner4 years ago
Not entirely applicable
Mobs only spawn in levels of darkness less than 7
torches have a light value of 14 so if you put them around or inside your "house" then you should fine
paperclip32 (author)  zoner4 years ago
Like I said,when your bed is within 2 blocks of a wall that is open to mobs,the mobs will appear beside your bed.Doesn't have to do with the number of torches in your house etc.
its not a glitch on the minecraft wiki its supossed to do that and dosent happen anymore with beta pre-release 1.9, instead it bring up a message that says: you may not sleep right now there are monsters nearby
tomm0505 zoner4 years ago
They sort of "Teleport" through the wall.
cmurph3 years ago
its finaly minecraft 1.2.5! theres redstone lamps, baby vllagers, fire charges, theres no more phantom tnt( tnt thats white and is floating) differnt coler wood planks, jungles, cats, everything!!!
Actually, the experience bar is very important. You get experience from killing mobs, then if you craft an enchanting table (using 4 blocks of obsidian, two diamonds, and a book) you can "spend" your experience to enchant armor, weapons, and tools. The higher the experience required the better the enchantment usually is. Enchanting can be very important, or at least useful, to helping you survive the game.... Or kill stuff more easily with enchantments like infinity and flaming for your bow. (infinity makes one arrow last forever for your bow, and flaming lights them on fire. Pretty self descriptive.) Anyway, nice instructable, i liked it overall even though i have been playing for a while now.
evilmadcow3 years ago
note: you need to craft a pick to harvest stone.
evilmadcow3 years ago
this is the most basic thing in minecraft. & some noobs can't get the "droped" block.
mrmath4 years ago
What I didn't like about Minecraft is that everything that would potentially make me want to buy the game is disabled until I buy it. I can't really try it before I buy it, which I expect from downloadable demos.

I know that if I go to the store to buy a boxed game, I don't get to try it before I buy it, but with most of them I can download a fully playable demo that is at least a level or two to get the feel for it. With this, I can't do any building, or any of the other stuff that makes this look like an exciting game.
paperclip32 (author)  mrmath4 years ago
It is still in Beta,you know.
I know. All the more reason to let me try the full version now.
paperclip32 (author)  mrmath4 years ago
Minecraft would really benefit from a demo.It's one of those games that you really can't explain the appeal of.It's a try it to understand it kind of thing.
it has a demo you can download on minecraft wiki.
I suggest just buying it now instead of wasting your time downloading a demo. More fun that way.

And yes. You will like it.
hg341 mrmath4 years ago

i am useing something like this but im going to buy the game when i get a pay pal acc
jona991 hg3414 years ago
I have exactly the same problem. I need a pay pal acc. It would be better if they had more options to pay.
paperclip32 (author)  jona9914 years ago
You can get a prepaid visa,or you could always ask someone who has a credit/debit card.
I've found an official Minecraft crack. go to www.minecraftforfree.com/play.php and you can play the previous version of Minecraft (before the current Beta) absolutelty free.
I guarentee this is not spam. I found it by accident and now I play it all the time [until I buy the official version]
you mean clasic?
you can play that on the regular website in mulitiplayer & single player
bty: 1.1 full is out, it might be worth it to ACTUALLY BUY THE GAME.
Davidwov4 years ago
Very nicely constructed! Thank you: this should be very helpful for beginners. :)
you beat me to the punch
paperclip32 (author)  Davidwov4 years ago
Thanks for the compliment.
No, thank YOU for the INSTRUCTABLE

(Very helpful)

Thatsssssssss a very nice house you've got there, it woul be a shame if sssssssomething were to happen to it...
Nothing will happen to it, because it is built of obsidian :) lolz
This step doesn't work for me!

I put 24 refined wood on bottom, 7 logs on top, nothing happens!

I'm on 1.2.0_01
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