How to Sync IPhone Notes Between Your Devices





Introduction: How to Sync IPhone Notes Between Your Devices

This quick guide shows how to sync your iPhone notes across your multiple iOS devices and even your computer

With the advance of iCloud, it has become easy to synchronize iPhone notes and other data such as contacts, and calendars and push them to your iPad, iPod Touch or PC. However, it is not always necessary to have iCloud on your iPhone to sync notes.

Step 1: Use a Third-party Notes Apps to Transfer of Edit Notes Between IOS Devices

There are a number of standalone iOS apps and computer programs which can help you sync iPhone notes across the rest of your iOS devices. I have come across this program which lets you export iPhone notes to your computer or import notes from your PC to your iPhone:

For example, to export your iPhone notes, run the program on your computer, and connect your iPhone. Your iPhone notes will show up in the tool's open window.

Click on the Export selected button.

Here is a quick tutorial video about importing and exporting iPhone contacts:

Step 2: Adding IPhone Notes to Your PC

From the new pop-up window which appears, select a location on your computer where to add your iPhone notes. In this case, I selected my computer's Desktop.

Step 3:

My iPhone notes were exported to a folder bearing the name of my iPhone directly to my computer's Desktop.

You can see that the notes are in *.html format, this means you can open your iPhone notes with your default web browser (in my case Chrome). However, there is an option in the program which sets your iPhone notes to be exported in text document *.txt format. It is all a matter of personal choice really.

Step 4: Transfer Notes to Other IOS Devices

Now you can transfer your iPhone notes to the rest of your iDevices. I have an iPod Touch.

To do so, simply run the Notes program on your computer again and connect your other iOS device.

Now, drag and drop the notes files from the folder on your computer to the program window. This will import the notes to your other iDevice.

Step 5:

Here is how the newly-imported iPhone notes look on my iPod Touch.

Step 6: Alternative: Syncing IPhone Notes Via ICloud

You can also use the iCloud in order to sync iPhone notes across the rest of your iOS devices.

To enable iPhone notes sync across your other iOS devices supporting iCloud, on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > iCloud and if you haven’t done so already, enter your Apple ID to log in to your iCloud account. 

To learn more about creating a new iCloud account, have a look here: or have a look at the video below.

Next, move the slider next to Notes from OFF to ON.

Step 7: Create an Email Account

In order to enable iPhone notes sync via iCloud you must set up an email account, after you move the Notes slider from OFF to ON, your iPhone will prompt you to choose your email username – be sure to select a unique name which pleases you as you cannot change this later on.

Step 8: Enable ICloud on Your Other IOS Device

Just make sure to log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password on your other iOS device (say your iPad).  Then make sure the slider next to notes is placed to ON (follow step 1 and step 2 on your other iOS device.

Step 9: Your IPhone Notes Are in Sync With Your Other IOS Device

You can now see your notes on both your iPhone and your other iOS device (in my case my iPod Touch)

Step 10: Syncing Your IPhone Notes to Your Computer Via Outlook

Another method for  syncing your iPhone notes to your PC without the need for enabling iCloud is to simply connect your iPhone to your computer, run iTunes and click on your iPhone from the left-hand pane.

Now, navigate to the Info tab and tick the checkbox next to “Sync notes with” under “Other”.

Finally, select “Outlook” from the drop-down menu and click on the Sync button at the bottom right of iTunes’ main program window.

As I am not a huge iTunes fan, I prefer syncing my iPhone notes via CopyTrans Contacts when opting out from the iCloud rather than having to use iTunes as an intermediary between my Outlook and my iPhone.



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