This quick guide shows how to sync your iPhone notes across your multiple iOS devices and even your computer

With the advance of iCloud, it has become easy to synchronize iPhone notes and other data such as contacts, and calendars and push them to your iPad, iPod Touch or PC. However, it is not always necessary to have iCloud on your iPhone to sync notes.

Step 1: Use a Third-party Notes Apps to Transfer of Edit Notes Between IOS Devices

There are a number of standalone iOS apps and computer programs which can help you sync iPhone notes across the rest of your iOS devices. I have come across this program which lets you export iPhone notes to your computer or import notes from your PC to your iPhone:


For example, to export your iPhone notes, run the program on your computer, and connect your iPhone. Your iPhone notes will show up in the tool's open window.

Click on the Export selected button.

Here is a quick tutorial video about importing and exporting iPhone contacts:

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