How to Sync Your Facebook Events With Google Calendar





Introduction: How to Sync Your Facebook Events With Google Calendar

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I use Facebook mostly for planning and finding out about events and shows. That said, sometimes its too much to attempt to parse out all the events using Facebook's interface.

This will allow you to sync your Facebook events to your Google calendar so you'll never miss an event again!

Step 1: Export Your Facebook Events

First go to your events pages on your Facebook main page. From there scroll all the way down and look for the "Export Events" link

Clicking this link will give you a url, copy it and then go to your Google calendar.

Step 2: Add to Google Calendar

Next go to your Google calendar. On the left hand side you will see "Other Calendars" and below it you will see add.

Click that and select "Add by URL"

Then click OK and Presto! your events from Facebook are now in Google, your life is now organized!

Now to plan that Mac and Cheese eating contest...



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    Thanks a TON for this!!! I've been changing the "webcal" to "http", downloading the iCal file and importing it to Google Calendar for months now. Your way is much better. :)

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