Step 6: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for taking good photos, but the second best tip is to take a lot of photos and sift out the bad ones on your computer later so you get great photos and good experience. The best tip is to EXPERIMENT!!!
Feel free to comment, I'll add any tips here with your name.

~Almost always use a tripod (or any pod) or rest the camera on something to get crisp shots.

~When taking shots with a telephoto lense or a really big zoom, make sure you rest the camera on something or use a tripod. I found that using the same idea for shooting a gun also works well for a camera. Take a deep breath, breath out half way, hold it, then shoot.

~Some shots look cooler when blurred, if you want to make it look like a high speed event.

~More megapixels doesn't always mean a better quality picture, it just makes it bigger.

~Digital cameras' shutter buttons can go in halfway and all the way. Halfway locks the focus and lets you see pretty close to what the actual shot looks like. It also lets you steady your hand for the actual picture. Make sure you lock the focus on the subject, then reframe the shot how you want.

~Try using your flash outdoors to eliminate some shadows created by the sun on your subjects face and/or body.

~Try to keep your backgrounds as plain as possible for portraits.

~Try different angles, tilting your camera (a little or 90 degrees) and other ideas. Lots of times unique pictures look better than the normal boring ones.

~Don't be afraid to get close and use macro settings. (theres an instructable on that somewhere)

~Look around you, the most beautiful thing isn't always the most obvious.

~If your taking pictures of landscapes and plan to be around for a while, keep looking at the same subject, different times of day impact the subject a lot.

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I'm a photographer myself. Nice work on tips and some "rules"
Your main pic breaks all the rules!
Only half, but good point... Ill change it when I get the time.
sore throat much?
I like the easy instructions. Thanks +1 +1
Thanks! I worked hard. <em>*coughvotecoughifcoughyoucoughlikecough*</em> Sorry about that, i get coughing fits sometimes.<br/>
I like. +1 vote. +1 rating.
I like the way of splitting it up to use it's useful! nice i'ble voted and +1

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