Introduction: How to Take Macro Pictures With Blackberry Camera 9860

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Eventough Blackberry 9860 has a 5MP camera and a capability of taking macro pictures, however its results are not good enough.

To overcome this problem, I have this idea of using the lens from a "door viewer " with a diameter of 14mm and 35-50mm length.

Step 1 & 2 : Cut the end part of the door viewer and take out the lens.

Follow my step then you can taken good macro pictures with blackberry camera.

Step 1: Cut the Door Viewer

Picture of Cut the Door Viewer

Step 2: Rear Lens

Picture of Rear Lens

Step 3: Take Lens

Picture of Take Lens

Step 4: Put the Lens on Case

Picture of Put the Lens on Case

Step 5: Glue (optional)

Picture of Glue (optional)

Step 6: Insert

Picture of Insert

Step 7: Done

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Step 8: Camera Setting

Picture of Camera Setting

Step 9: Trial

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Step 10: Sample

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Step 11: Sample

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Step 12: Sample

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Step 13: Macro Photography With Blackberry Camera

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DEEJAY642 (author)2016-01-29

very cool

Irwind Kee (author)2012-10-27

im using Sony ericson elm and for lens from pointing laser. image about 3 guy picture on windows vista OEM DVD

Irwind Kee (author)Irwind Kee2012-10-27

windows vista OEM DVD

appsman (author)2012-09-13

Nice job and better image quality than a lot of expensive phone macro lenses. For those who don't want to hack up a door peephole, you can get small glass lenses cheap at I know this because I used their lens for my iPhone macro lens:

That lens had 51mm focal length (I got that by trial and error). It's $4, but they often have sales.

If the poster of this instructable has the time, he/she can measure the focal length of the lens they used by focusing a distance light source (like a light fixture) onto a piece of paper. When the image is in focus, the distance between the lens and the paper is the focal length. You don't have to be exact. A shorter focal length will give more magnification, but I found that trying for too much magnification adds distortion.

The "Lens Finder" on the Surplus Shed site will search their stock based on diameter, focal length, and type (I used plano-convex so I'd have a flat side next the phone.

Not affiliated with Surplus Shed in any way. It was the cheapest place I could find to get decent glass.

fariedh (author)appsman2012-09-15

thanks for the reference

flyingpuppy (author)2012-09-14

THANK YOU for this brilliant idea. Great shots!

fariedh (author)flyingpuppy2012-09-15

You're welcome

SlickSqueegie (author)2012-09-14

This is great... I just tried it on my Ipad. It works awesome! Thank you for this one! AWESOME.

fariedh (author)SlickSqueegie2012-09-14


jacobinvest (author)2012-09-13

I love your project and pictures. I just wonder how many other lenses had been tried on before coming up with this.

fariedh (author)jacobinvest2012-09-14

Thanks jacob. Got the idea out of the blue, Tried it once n it works.. Then i share it here. Hope it's useful for u n the others

LaffyDuck187 (author)2012-09-13

I wonder you put the lens over the wrong hole, you'd end up with a concentrated beam of light for the flash.

roberto sirigu (author)2012-09-13

Una idea geniale complimenti e semplice e funzionale e a basso costo una idea per sperimentare con altri telefonini

WWC (author)2012-09-11

Why is it called Macro? Seems it should be called Micro.

okiedokie (author)WWC2012-09-12

What does macro and micro refer to when it comes to photography?

The word macro means big, whereas the word micro mean small. So how is it that these two terms related?

If the subject you are photographing is small and you want to make it look big, you end up with a “macro” view of a “micro” subject.

taken from:

mickryobe (author)okiedokie2012-09-13


In photography macro is an extreme close up of an object giving an image on the film (or sensor) from 1:1 or same size as object, to 10:1 or ten times the size of the object.

Micro is an image larger than 10:1 usually obtained with a microscope but with today's equipment a microscope is not essential unless one wants extreme close ups.

Manufacturers of lenses incorrectly and falsely mark zoom lenses in particular as "Macro" when they really cannot achieve macro photos. They are in reality "Close up" pictures.

WWC (author)okiedokie2012-09-12

Makes sense.


cb55 (author)WWC2012-09-13

macro and micro are Greek words(macro=μακρυς,micro=μικρος).
μακρυς=long,big / μικρος=small,little

protovu (author)2012-09-13

So Clever! Thank you. I really enjoyed this.

fariedh (author)protovu2012-09-13

Thank you

gafisher (author)2012-09-13

Very nice! Thanks for a great 'ible!

Nostalgic Guy (author)2012-09-12

Nice idea,you have some really sharp images, I may look at doing something similar with my Samsung S2.
What is the depth of field like? I made a macro lens for wildlife pictures & the depth of field is only around 6 to 8mm making it a bit of a hit & miss affair when you want to get close to something that moves all the time :-)

iminthebathroom (author)2012-09-12


fariedh (author)iminthebathroom2012-09-12

Thank you

blodefood (author)2012-09-11

Could you use the other door viewer lens as a wide angle? I'm not sure, I'm just asking. This would mean you would need another phone jacket. to hold it.

fariedh (author)blodefood2012-09-12

wide angle door viewer? I think can't work very well

ikarous (author)2012-09-11

ive tried this with my ipod and works great

hungyhipo 2 (author)2012-09-11

nice neat and to the point. good ible

rimar2000 (author)2012-09-11

Very good results, congratulations.

fariedh (author)rimar20002012-09-11

Thank you...

amandaghassaei (author)2012-09-11

nice, I've seen people take the lens out of laser pointers before, this is the first time I've seen someone use a door viewer lens, very cool. will you be posting some awesome electronics instructables now that you can take excellent close ups of electronic components?

fariedh (author)amandaghassaei2012-09-11

Thank you... yes now I enjoy for taken small electronics component :)

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