One Good Way to Take a Pill





Introduction: One Good Way to Take a Pill

Most people I know take pills by opening their mouth as far as possible, tipping their head back into whiplash territory, sticking the pill on the back of their tongue until they gag, taking a sip of water and throwing their head back violently. Ouch.

Here's some news: Pills float! So pop one in your mouth (duh), add the beverage of your choice, and tilt your head slightly FORWARD. The pills float to the back of your throat which makes it far easier to swallow them.

Really, this works. Try it on something small like a baby aspirin. You'll never get whiplash again!



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    Whats your backup for this? and your accreditation? This could lead to choking and nasal drainage of the liquid if youre drinking with your head forward (the painful feeling of doing a flip in the pool and getting water up your nose)

    Tilt your head "slightly forward" is how it reads. My background? I'm pretty sick and I take 20 - 27 pills per day, and have had three physicians now suggest this method. Haven't drowned yet. I respect your opinion.

    The title is a bit misleading. Try : The Right way to take a pill

    Other than that, great tip, and it works too!

    People really get whiplash from swallowing pills?!