This will show you how to create a screen shot off just an application or open window on your screen instead of the whole desktop. Thanks to YIT I know this works on all windows OS's and Ubuntu.

Step 1: Taking the Screen Shot

click on the application or open window you want to make a screen shot out of. Now press alt then print screen.
<p>Is there a way to capture the active application window and have it automatically save the image? I'm looking for a function similar to the windows key + printscreen in windows 8 that saves the image to the &quot;screenshot&quot; folder in &quot;pictures&quot;. Thanks.</p>
<p>Just press &quot;Alt+PrtScn&quot; button to capture application window on your Windows pc. For more options to screenshot application on WIindows and Mac, you can discover them here: http://screenshot.net/screenshot-active-window.html</p>
What happens when you can't use the PRT SCN button?
I don't understand do you not have one on your keyboard?
Confirmed working on Ubuntu 8.10 beta. Neat little trick, thanks!
thanks I updated the page and gave you credit for the input
Or you hold &quot;Alt&quot; + &quot;Print Screen&quot; to take active window!
wow, thank you so much for explaining how to do it the right way

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