How to Take a Screen Shot of Just an Open Application and Not the Whole Screen.




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Introduction: How to Take a Screen Shot of Just an Open Application and Not the Whole Screen.

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This will show you how to create a screen shot off just an application or open window on your screen instead of the whole desktop. Thanks to YIT I know this works on all windows OS's and Ubuntu.

Step 1: Taking the Screen Shot

click on the application or open window you want to make a screen shot out of. Now press alt then print screen.

Step 2: Turning It Into Actual Picture

open up paint and hit edit paste. The picture below is an example see how it doesn't have the desktop behind it and only shows the program paint. You can use practically any other image editing program. I'm using paint because its free and comes with just about every version of windows and most of the world is using windows. Sorry mac and linux lovers.



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    Is there a way to capture the active application window and have it automatically save the image? I'm looking for a function similar to the windows key + printscreen in windows 8 that saves the image to the "screenshot" folder in "pictures". Thanks.

    Just press "Alt+PrtScn" button to capture application window on your Windows pc. For more options to screenshot application on WIindows and Mac, you can discover them here:

    I don't understand do you not have one on your keyboard?


    Confirmed working on Ubuntu 8.10 beta. Neat little trick, thanks!

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    thanks I updated the page and gave you credit for the input

    Or you hold "Alt" + "Print Screen" to take active window!