Picture of How to take apart TV
Do you have an old TV or monitor lying around in your house? You don't want it and planing to throw it away? Well don't! You can make good use of its parts!

Taking apart a TV or a monitor may sound easy, but they can be very dangerous if you are not careful...

This instructable will be your guide of taking apart a TV or a monitor.

Taking apart the TV or monitor can be very dangerous. High voltage presents inside the CRT - even when the power is off! And the CRT is fragile. You could get seriously injured or die. I am NOT responsible what ever happens to you if you take apart the TV or monitor!

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Step 1: Tools...

Picture of Tools...
Okay, go grab your tool box, you may need all sorts of tools to dissemble the TV or monitor...

What I used are:
  • Screwdrivers in various types and sizes
  • Some types of pliers
  • A wire cutter
  • A safety goggles

Safety goggles are very important, who knows the CRT may implode while you are busy dissembling the TV or monitor... It is better to be safe than sorry about losing your eyes...

Step 2: Take the cover off

Picture of Take the cover off
Take the back cover off the TV or monitor. The screws can be difficult to find, but take your time...
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katerlyn6 years ago
i am trying to find an easy way to electrocute mice my cats bring me in the house alive....please no negative comments on cats.... i bought 6 rat zappers but eventually i had to spray the mice to get the jolt...not really convenient. i searched and so far havent found a way for someone scared of electricty (i climbed a tree in a storm and was knocked off ladder by ball of fire at next tree over...couldnt let go of an old metal handle on an old dryer once till my mom came and took broom handle and unplugged the fuse box to electric to dryer...etc. kater
Try this: Don't let the cats or the dog outside.

Two wires from your outlet ought to do it. 120VAC - more than enough to get through their little bodies

Oh that is so sad...did you see the lastest mouse video on facebook....getting killed....8-(

(removed by author or community request)
I googled your suggestion but got no directions. I hope there is an instructable sometime. I was connected to electricity myself when younger, as in above, and it does not hurt, it's scary yes, but it does not that is why I was happy to get a way to kill them without pain...any other ideas I would go for, but I cannot get the information needed to go your route. the rat zappers stop working after awhile..and mice can kill by causing fires, so I would not try the bell thing, they tend to get their collars in trouble so it's a vicious circle.
(removed by author or community request)
Thanks for your information, i will look into it! I hate dealing with them dead OR alive. My latest trap has a wheel inside, I caught a poor fat little mouse and luckily the new tenant took it outside lately....I heard mice don't like peppermint and also cayenne pepper so I put the pepper in my garage doorways... I would use moth balls more, but since I can't smell I'm afraid I might inhale too much of it.
Alaska cabins use Mothballs to deter Bears... The results are mixed.. The current move is to electric fences, but they are carefully calibrated.
 What are moth balls?
HI I AM SETH2 months ago
You could use the whole tv for an arcade cabinet. (I build arcade cabs)
AshH5 months ago
Taking a TV apart is simple make sure the cord is unplugged take a knife and cut the cord off because the main power sources in the power cord I took a TV apart several times not going to kill you I don't know where you guys are getting your information wrong but obviously they must not know what they're doing or something...
darthphunk AshH3 months ago
Nit sure if you are a troll or dont know what you are talking about. Tv's and CRTs contain high voltage charges even when not plugged in. Proper care and precautions should always be taken.

I have had an RCA Tru Flat 27" tube TV sitting in my basement for about 5 years unplugged. Couldn't I just cut all the wires and disassemble it for parts, and not worry about the CRT still holding it's charge ?

I have a dyna system multimeter, that i could check if there is any residual voltage... but do I really need to take all this extra precaution in grounding the unti, if it's been 5+ years sitting ?

jakeuplink6 months ago

How come you didn't salvage the yokes off of the electron gun??...they are only held on there by a couple of pipe clamps, and then it comes right off.

katerlyn8 months ago
Luckily now I have a dog that is a better mouser than any cat I ever had....
ompune1 year ago
many thanks 4 th info as i wish to start a COMPUTER RECYCLING SCHOOL IN INDIA to give work to thousands of unemployed science students to set up small workshops ( 1-5 employees) in all the hundred cities.also i want 2 know if thre is any mechanical method of removing the pvc from the huge amount of electric wires which are burnt polluting the air. also what size of shredder is reqd for the circiut boards & how it is further proccessed. any other info or sites you would reccomend me to read for setting up a mini dismantling workshop as i am in th learning stage.
many thanks & awaiting your reply. balbir singh mail
tcarpenter ompune8 months ago

Ask a chemist bro. No mechanical method is going to clean molecules off tiny strips of wire efficiently.

i talked with a tv repair person and they said that a screwdriver can't handle 10,000 volts.he says that you should use a high voltage probe connected to a 1mega ohm half watt resistor just to be safe. here is a pic of the probe.
Plasmana (author)  devicemodder6 years ago
That is true, screwdrivers, cannot handle 10Kv, however, the screwdriver is grounded, so it is 0v.

Screwdriver will be fine. Your safety, however, depends on how thick the plastic mold around the one you're touching is though. Like these other guys says, current is the issue. However, even with a large current, in this situation, the current flow will last half an instant, not even long enough to break a low current fuse, given the chance. Don't worry about what "professionals" use. Use what you have; screwdrivers are bound to have some resistance anyway, depending on the metal. If you want to feel safe, buy a random resistor >100Kohm (at least 1/4 watt) and splice it in series with whatever you have going on. Like I said before, even if the power is measured over that, it's pretty instantaneous, so your resistor won't burn out (similar to the fuse idea).

The screwdriver isn't 0V, and technically, neither is ground. Ground is only a reference point. A voltage is the potential difference between two points, and ground is simply used as the lower of the two terms in the difference equation.

The screwdrivers + alligator clip + wire are at ground voltage before touching the high voltage wire. When one of the screwdrivers touches the HV wire however, there will be a potential difference of +10-20kV across the screwdrivers + Alligator clip + wire with respect to the ground voltage. This will mean that a current will flow through them (a VERY high current). It's the current that will damage the screwdrivers, not the voltage. An increase in voltage will produce an increase the current.
awang8 Plasmana6 years ago
My local TV repair guy uses something that looks like pen with a wire coming out of one end. He then plugs the wire into the mains ground, touches the metal thingy thing trys to find out what broke.
Also, although it won't be much of a risk if you have a good ground connection, make sure that the screwdriver you're using has a good deal of insulation on the handle. Do NOT use those micro screwdrivers with metal handles. If you have already however and are still with the living, it is because the resistance of your body is MUCH greater than the resistance in the wire connection the screwdriver to ground. Electricity takes the path of least resistance (well, current will still flow through all paths, but will be inversely proportional to their resistances)
It may be 10,000V, but the the transient time is so small that a screwdriver will suffice. You might also notice that he used tiny multi-core wire to connect between the two screwdrivers. If the voltage was constant, the wire would act like a fuse and melt almost instantaneously, but the time that it takes to discharge the CRT will likely be in the low milliseconds, so this isn't a problem.
Or make one like me, 100 10M ohm resistors. But I'm getting a proper one as well anyway. (from ebay of course)
The screwdriver may be slightly damaged, but there is no way I'm paying for one of those "probes".
I know that HV probes are on power poles,look for some poles where the line goes into the ground and some nice company workers.
I attempted to discharge the CRT but no sound was made. How am i supposed to know if it is discharged or not?

It probably is. Usually if you leave it sit around an hour it'll be discharged anyway. However, what I have done before is take some large branch trimmers (like pictured) with as insulated handles as possible and cut the high voltage wire. Then I carefully drove the tip of the wire into the ground. 1000V usually requires an insulation thickness of about a quarter to a half of a centimeter.
First time I tried messing with a CRT I didn't realize the capacitance potential of these and flat out made my heart skip a beat (>6kV). Not fun, but I wasn't grounded so I was relatively okay.

ompune8 months ago

TO PLASMANA-where can i get training to recycle in a small way tv,s computers,assessories, mobile batteries, refrigeraters, air conditioners, washing machines, other electronic items.

balbir singh mail

McClay1410 months ago

i took apart a tv like yours but didn't discharge the big vacuum tube, i got shocked by it while carrying it right in the bellybutton (ow). i have been getting migraines ever since.

Isn't TV disassembly rather dangerous? I've heard there's capacitors in them capable of sending you to the big workshop in the sky...

rnattrass1 year ago

Is there any way to remove the screen from a box tv? is there any way of doing this with out harm injuring myself? The only thing I am after in an old box tv is the frame, nothing thats inside.

Oblivitus1 year ago
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I started taking apart an old radio called a Technics SA-616 with a Quartz Digital Synthesizer, and was wondering if there's anything in there like the tv here that will shock me. I've done some online research and haven't found any claims of danger but want to be sure. Here is a link with some photos of one that looks exactly like mine and shows the insides.

nerd74731 year ago
cool plasmana
one time, when he was young, my dad made a tv with his friends... and whenever our tv breaks, he fixes it... lol, yay!
Plasmana (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
He... Made... His... Own... TV!?!?! Wow, that is amazing!
lol, i told you he was smart!

note, this was back in the 70's-80's, maybe 60's? i forget, but it's still pretty impressive...
It was prior to the 70s when TVs still had tubes.
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