How to take apart TV

Picture of How to take apart TV
Do you have an old TV or monitor lying around in your house? You don't want it and planing to throw it away? Well don't! You can make good use of its parts!

Taking apart a TV or a monitor may sound easy, but they can be very dangerous if you are not careful...

This instructable will be your guide of taking apart a TV or a monitor.

Taking apart the TV or monitor can be very dangerous. High voltage presents inside the CRT - even when the power is off! And the CRT is fragile. You could get seriously injured or die. I am NOT responsible what ever happens to you if you take apart the TV or monitor!

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Step 1: Tools...

Picture of Tools...
Okay, go grab your tool box, you may need all sorts of tools to dissemble the TV or monitor...

What I used are:
  • Screwdrivers in various types and sizes
  • Some types of pliers
  • A wire cutter
  • A safety goggles

Safety goggles are very important, who knows the CRT may implode while you are busy dissembling the TV or monitor... It is better to be safe than sorry about losing your eyes...

Step 2: Take the cover off

Take the back cover off the TV or monitor. The screws can be difficult to find, but take your time...

Isn't TV disassembly rather dangerous? I've heard there's capacitors in them capable of sending you to the big workshop in the sky...

rnattrass3 months ago

Is there any way to remove the screen from a box tv? is there any way of doing this with out harm injuring myself? The only thing I am after in an old box tv is the frame, nothing thats inside.

ompune8 months ago
many thanks 4 th info as i wish to start a COMPUTER RECYCLING SCHOOL IN INDIA to give work to thousands of unemployed science students to set up small workshops ( 1-5 employees) in all the hundred cities.also i want 2 know if thre is any mechanical method of removing the pvc from the huge amount of electric wires which are burnt polluting the air. also what size of shredder is reqd for the circiut boards & how it is further proccessed. any other info or sites you would reccomend me to read for setting up a mini dismantling workshop as i am in th learning stage.
many thanks & awaiting your reply. balbir singh mail
Samphillips111 months ago
I attempted to discharge the CRT but no sound was made. How am i supposed to know if it is discharged or not?
Oblivitus1 year ago
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I started taking apart an old radio called a Technics SA-616 with a Quartz Digital Synthesizer, and was wondering if there's anything in there like the tv here that will shock me. I've done some online research and haven't found any claims of danger but want to be sure. Here is a link with some photos of one that looks exactly like mine and shows the insides.

nerd74731 year ago
cool plasmana
one time, when he was young, my dad made a tv with his friends... and whenever our tv breaks, he fixes it... lol, yay!
Plasmana (author)  AnarchistAsian5 years ago
He... Made... His... Own... TV!?!?! Wow, that is amazing!
lol, i told you he was smart!

note, this was back in the 70's-80's, maybe 60's? i forget, but it's still pretty impressive...
It was prior to the 70s when TVs still had tubes.
Plasmana (author)  AnarchistAsian5 years ago
Yeah, that is really impressive! Do you have a picture that you can show to us?
70'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't think there's any pictures... all i know is that it's the only tv his family owned... and he made it with his friends... yeah.... he had a cool childhood... they played alot, and made alot of stuff... *sigh* times were simpler then...
Plasmana (author)  AnarchistAsian5 years ago
That is really cool! And yeah, All of the great electronic components are just getting rarer and rarer as we advanced in technology... :-(
Agreed! you Know there going to start replacing the massive transformers in microwaves with some fancy circutry? (I think a boost converter ) Makes me sad just thinking about it...
Plasmana (author)  muttyfutty4 years ago
Yep! :-( I also heard they have an safety feature that they will shut off for good if tampered..
Please tell me theyre leaving the capacitors :)))
OMG! That is so sad... D-; Damn the government and overtaking technology! I just don't want to happen...
NOOOooo..... *sniff* first LCD TV's with NO flybacks... NST are (I think) very gradually being replaced buy a "dc power supply" (no transformer) And then MOT's Oh the HUMANITY!!!!!!!
What are NST?
an NST is a Neon Sign Transformer
it changes mains voltage (230V RMS) and steps it up till about 15KV RMS
its obviously used in (yes, you got it!) Neon Signs

here is an wikipeadia artcle on NST's
I didn't know those were being replaced. I've been looking for one actually.
yeah. : ...-(
Plasmana (author)  AnarchistAsian5 years ago
We will have to snag up all of the old electronic equipment while we still have time...
i'm posting an ible on how to scavenge free stuff, for the 1929 contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plasmana (author)  AnarchistAsian5 years ago
LOL! I was just about to make that same instructable too!
dude go to a junk yard, i find ALL kinds of cool old electronics there!
and party like it's 1929...
Sending mildly toxic items to the recycling center instead of the landfill doesn't do much for the environment. Biology is dominated by concentration. To little is a bad as to much. Small amounts of something is easily handled but large concentrations are lethal.

Modern landfills are pretty much eternal. Stuff buried there won't come out for centuries and then only slowly and highly diluted. Nature won't notice.

By contrast, recycling centers tend to concentrate toxic compounds e.g. you can't have phosphorus or anything else in recycled glass so they strip everything off with acid. All the now highly concentrated gunk has to go somewhere. Usually a toxic landfill because it's such a chemical mishmash that it has no use. When that concentrated stuff escapes, it will kill everything it touches.

It something of the problem they ran into with alkaline battery recycling. Putting all the waste from batteries in one place made it very dangerous compared to having dilute waste scattered over thousands of landfills.
teaquack1 year ago
Got a question. I took everything off CRT and left only the tube. I would like to have the electron gun. There are no screws or anything like that. Would it be ok to break the tube? If so, where would be the best spot to break it? (I'm taking apart a small tv. i'm uploading image here and hoping it will show up.)
you should have kept the electron gun and took the enamal copper out
Hey what do you know about electron guns and where can i find them?
Electron guns can be found in the neck of the CRT (thin glass tube at the back of the CRT, with a circuit board or wires attached to it. However, if you really want it, you will have to break the tube which is highly dangerous because the CRT will implode and you could lose your vision or what from flying glass fragments. Electron guns shoot out red, green and blue electrons in a beam that scan up and down on the screen at a certain rate to create a moving picture. By the way, why would you want one...? Just wondering, cos' they don;t have much use in normal atmospheric pressure lol.
you dont have to break the tube to get them, ive had four of them and never broke the tube, all you gotta do is loosen the screw...
What screw?
Hang on a minute... Are you talking about the deflection yokes with lots of enameled wire on them?
o, ya sry, i have gotten one of those but i threw it away, can it be used for anything?
Uh, no not really... Has a lot of enameled wire though... It would be useful if you could get all of it off but it can be rather difficult sometimes.
i was talking about the electron guns, i do play with the electromagnets some times tho.
this is a really cool descution cuz iv taken like 5 tvs apart and i never wondered any bit about that big glass tube.. all know is that theres some reallly high tempaerature coils in there and i use thoes to build coil guns so its grat to learn somethin new thnakx guys :)
I'm pretty sure electrons are all the same color and the dots inside the tube are just colored differently. Have a look with a magnifying glass, I just did its freaky!


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