How to take apart an electric scooter for electric parts.

Picture of How to take apart an electric scooter for electric parts.
Theis is the way I take apart a second-hand stand-on electric scooter for parts need for building a electric mountainboard.
(Idea comes from >> http://www.instructables.com/id/Electric-Mountain-Board/ )
The reason I bought a second hand one is because the parts I need are actually more expensive to buy seperately than buying a second hand scooter.......
(new parts=$320,scooter=$220.....)
Otherwise I wouldn't want to take apart this beauty.....
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Step 1: Tools we need.

Picture of Tools we need.
Enable to keep every parts in order so I can easily rebuild the electric parts on my mountainboard, I used few plastic bags and colour stickers to mark every parts.

Step 2: Take a last look on the poor guy...

Picture of Take a last look on the poor guy...
Before taking scooter apart, carefully take a look on how things hold together. If need, take notes or picture.

Step 3: Starts taking apart the scooter.(Batteries)

Picture of Starts taking apart the scooter.(Batteries)
Take off the top cover for batteries.

Step 4: Taking apart the scooter.(Controller)

Picture of Taking apart the scooter.(Controller)
Controller has lots of wire, so, here comes ths colour sticker.

Step 5: Taking apart the scooter.(Motor)

Picture of Taking apart the scooter.(Motor)
Motor is easier to take off than controller since it has only one cable.

Step 6: Done, final organize.

Picture of Done, final organize.
After taking off everyhting I need, I put all the small parts in plastic bags and lable them. At last, put everyhting into a plastic box for easy organize.

This is my first instructable, which serve as a practice for me. I will post the instructable for building my version of electric mountain.

Thats give credic for the guy who come out the idea of electric mountainboard>>

I will use another method to mount the motor and controller directelly on to the axe so the motor will always in-line with the wheel sprocket. But also will not hurt the mountainboard. (means no welding, screwing, or superglueing on the board.)

Thanks for watching.