INTRO:  One of my Wii remotes kept on moving randomly in one direction which had the Wii Motion Plus.  With the nun-chuck installed, If I pushed the connection joint to one direction it would work but as soon as I let go, it would move by itself.  I had to remove the Wii motion plus in order to use the Wii remote.
So I took it apart and noticed that one of the wires from the ribbon cable (to the solder connection point) was broken.  It's to be expected since the wire is very thin and flimsy.

** "Y" Screw driver tip (almost like a Philips screw driver but missing one side AKA Triwing/Trigram).

**Soldering Iron (Moderate soldering skills required, novice dare not try) I recommend TQ-95 Click Here $34.95. or cheaper one will work too Click Here $5.65 shipped.
**Solder Click Here $1.74 Shipped.

**24AWG wire (Any color) you can substitute for any size smaller but smaller is brittle and may brake again! I wouldn't go any smaller than 30AWG. Stranded not Solid core but solid core can be used if no other is available.  If anyone knows of an affordable place to get 24 AWG wire let me know & I will post.

** De-soldering pump/Solder sucker/ Wick (Optional will make installation easier) I recommend this one Click Here $3.09 Shipped. 

**Flux (optional but mandatory if you damage the board) Click Here $2.06 Shipped.

You'll need to take 2 screws off and take apart the device to unsolder the ribbon cable and replace it with new wire.

Links to items above just copy & paste:

$1.39 TriWing "Y" Screw Driver 
$34.95 for TQ-95 Pro soldering iron (does not include shipping): http://www.bomir.com/online/?sub=78
$5.65 cheap soldering iron:
$1.74 Solder:
$3.09 De-soldering pump: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33011~r.88371207
$2.06 Flux:

D0NM9 months ago

Hi! I have 4 sensors. And one of them has the same problem as yours. A ribbon wire has been cutted down.

Thanks for the instruction.

greendl2 years ago
Thanks! This was exactly what was wrong with mine. Your details and photos made it clear. I broke the plastic frame while pinching it and had to glue it but everything else went ok. The hardest part for me was de-soldering. I don't know if the time I spent de-soldering and re-soldering was worth it but it was good practice and always satisfying to fix something that was broke instead of chucking it. Great job!