Introduction: How to Take Didgital Pictures With a Crt Monitor

This is not a joke!!! You can really take high quality (up to 8mp) digital images with any old crt monitor! There is no complicated wiring required. It will take you five minutes. Just follow theses eazes instuctables to make your own crt monitor camera.

Step 1: Get an Old Crt Monitor.

1. Make your own crt monitor by clicking on this link and then typing "how to make your own crt monitor" into the search box that will appear at the center of the page.<a href="">Link</a>
2. Go to a nearby recycling center and take one home: crt monitors are very easy to find in recycling centers because they are sooooo bad.(crt monitors are generally about 3x lighter than lcd monitors, so carrying one home shouldn't be a problem(I walked 5 miles home with a 30" crt monitor, so you can too))
3.Find one inside an internal pata hard drive, these types of hard drives usually have 15"-22" crt monitors inside of them. you can find this type of hard drive inside a computer dating earlier than 1995 only.
4.Break apart the computer you are using to view this instructable to find a 55" !!!!WOW!!!! crt monitor

Step 2: Take Apart Your Monitor

In the image below, you can see how I decided to take apart my monitor. Unfortunately, my method caused all of the crt's to implode. That doesn't matter though if care at all about you own safety, though.
Now that you've demolished your crt monitor, it's time to make the camera.

Step 3: Wiring the Camera Part

This is it! You're finally going to get your own crt monitor digital camera! steps:
1. Follow the schematics on the bottom and add all of the parts/ solder other wires together
1. capacitor
2. 4 in. of insulated 22 gauge wire
3. Soldering gun (i used a 25watt)
4. rosin core solder

Step 4: Take Pictures!

Plug into pc w/. the blue cable and take pix!

My pictures:


Makden made it!(author)2016-03-31

I can't believe this hasn't been deleted yet, the Instructables look now like Youtube, every idiot can post rubish all over it, it's a shame!

mattcintosh made it!(author)2015-08-20

Actually, if you disable some protective circuits, a CRT *can* produce X-rays. Just get some X-ray film, fire up the CRT, stand in front of it and see what your insides look like (not responsible for cancer, blindness, sterility, etc...)

noingwhat made it!(author)2011-10-16

One legitimate question I have though, is I am aware this article is totally bogus, but if you were to go down to a recycling center and ask if you could bring home any of the equipment they had, do you think they would let you?

mattcintosh made it!(author)2015-08-20

I actually make a pretty good living doing that...but the owner expects me to pay for the stuff I bring home.

richfiles made it!(author)2015-07-30

The funny thing... Is you CAN take digital photos with a CRT. It's called a "flying spot scanner". I assumed that's what this post was... Till I looked at it for all of 1.8 seconds >_> They were usually used for scanning film reels, film negatives, or slides in the days before CCDs.

Optics focus a CRT at the point of an inserted film. A single dot is scanned over the image, much int he same way that a dot scans the screen when generating images. The difference is it's set at a fixed brightness for each sweep. Not he other side of the negative or slide, is a basic photo detector. you can use a red green and blue color filter to generate color images.

This was the method of image capture used by the Luna 3 probe (launched by the USSR in 1959). Amazingly enough, the Luna 3 probe also was equipped with all the necessary equipment to not only take the photos, but develop them as well. It was the developed photos that were scanned and transmitted back to Earth.

Connor+Willett made it!(author)2014-05-17

Seriously, Furious Jorjes needs a life.

benlabs made it!(author)2014-08-13

you need to stop insulting people who make awesome projects.

westonism made it!(author)2012-01-31

Anyone who thinks they need to inform us that this is a joke, probably shouldn't be using an electrical device. They can be dangerous . Life is too short to have a stick wedged that far...... You know the rest.

brivera-1 made it!(author)2012-01-19

this guy lied!! i pushed a good 13 megapixel photo of my dog with mine! =D....r.i.p my dog nikki >.<

brivera-1 made it!(author)2012-01-19

almost done!! =D

zakamooza made it!(author)2011-11-28

DUDE, i have a problem on the conector for the I82801Gs/GR/GH (ICH7 FCR pack- Serial ATA Storage &Controller-27C0InExpress Port

THERE'S a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous in the

I CANT reach the C8-9=10.000uF 63V For dual Amplifier*

any help?

pdee-1 made it!(author)2011-11-28

utterly useless, remove this post and ban the user for such garbage

apender made it!(author)2011-11-27


redorchestra made it!(author)2011-11-27

there is an easier way to use a monitor as a camera.
Someone developed a java applet to take pictures with a monitor.

angryfeet made it!(author)2010-03-07

Thanks, this worked nicely.

I just took a photo of my goldfish.

I used my computers monitor to make the camera, so now I must borrow my friend's one so I can have a look at my photo.

Zibodiz made it!(author)2011-11-25


digitrunner made it!(author)2010-03-23

I'm having a hard time getting mine to focus on those close ups!

Luziviech made it!(author)2011-11-16

the hamster so awesome, i HAD to download it and use it as wallpaper on my desktop.

Callum+Snowden made it!(author)2011-02-13

This instructable needs deleting...

JavaNut13 made it!(author)2011-05-15

I agree. Theres fun and funny, but this doesn't fit either.

noingwhat made it!(author)2011-10-16


videogamemaster made it!(author)2011-05-27


64bitgenius made it!(author)2011-07-29

8mp isn't great resolution. what i call great resolution is at least 1tp.

acedia made it!(author)2010-05-01

Ok I plugged the blue cable in and then I went blind what happened

zack247 made it!(author)2010-05-02

look at the middle of the diagram. the 5v positve and negative are connected together. whatever they may be for. seems like a short circuit. also, everyone knows crt's weigh more than a lcd, and every circuit board inside a crt is different. then, look at the photo with the keyboard. IT HAS BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED. look at the stand of the monitor and the background and you'll know that it is

sqrtman made it!(author)2011-03-25

the 5v positive and negative are connected to a transformer
.... which is not a straight short.....

redfoxtrystman made it!(author)2011-01-23

ok i and most of the people that have posted a reply here believe and know that this is fake and therefore is spam RIGHT? so lets do what needs to be done and FLAG IT on the top right you will see a flag link. its very small and looks like a yellow flag. please flag this before some kid kills him or her self. PLEASE FLAG. AND LETS HOPE THEY BAN THE POSTER.

whiskymonster made it!(author)2011-01-13

just make sure you discharge the caps inside.
you cna do this by attaching the ht lead by means of a long length of wire, to your penis.

Deathstick made it!(author)2010-12-08

A joke is something that is funny? This is just stupid and should be taken down.

clockdryve made it!(author)2010-11-18

Where the "HECK" is the BAN button? Stuff like this shouldn't be allowed...before you know it this site will be like youtube, and you won't know WHAT page to open that you won't get SCAMMED on with a FAKE. This is not only DANGEROUS it cause's negative emotions. I Vote for it's immediate removal...........................

tigerdog330 made it!(author)2009-12-02

 you got a lot of damn gaul posting something like this. my little brother just almost smashed up our computer and monitor with the keyboard because he saw this. 

JuCo made it!(author)2010-09-11

"gaul" is a region, you wanted "gall"

the_burrito_master made it!(author)2010-02-13


ludionis made it!(author)2009-10-09

I shall again mention that a CRT monitor (or CRT TV for that matter) requires proper discharge before being opererated on.  The components inside them can/will store lethal amounts of electricity for days or weeks after being unplugged.  Please do not attempt to dissasemble a CRT monitor without taking appropriate safety precautions and unless you know what you are doing.

-max- made it!(author)2010-07-27

bla-bla-bla, nag-nag-nag!

student.mckinney made it!(author)2010-03-01

I have a feeling Furious Jorjes and Xellers are the same guy. Just a thought...

Desick made it!(author)2010-06-17

i think the same.

conrad2468 made it!(author)2010-06-04

Yeah, I built it...when i tried to take a picture of my kinda killed him...

maoriveros made it!(author)2010-05-18

Hey - it works nicely!  Thanks for the tuto!!!!

zack247 made it!(author)2010-05-02


solarmatrix made it!(author)2010-03-19

if you are going to go to the effort of making an Instructable wouldn't you get much more gratitude from posting something unique that really works? 
after viewing this I started looking at other Instructables with
Scepticism which is a shame for such a great site. 
there are other sites for "jokes" where this sort of thing would be better appreciated as you can probably tell from other readers comments including the ones that point out the hazards of which you may not have been aware .  Btw, my comments are intended in a constructive manner.
chikenf00t made it!(author)2010-03-11

that worked pretty well thanks!

hjartland made it!(author)2010-03-08

Guessin you've heard this one before...Dude you took the joke too far. I'm not going to chastise you. What ever you get from taking it too far is your thing. Laughing your butt off at people's reactions. Kinda sad man.

The beauty of this site is finding out what you can do with everyday stuff. Some of it seems way too good to be true. But its not. Except for this kinda thing.

mrmarshall1 made it!(author)2010-03-03

 come on, to make a camera you need a light sensor, this Instructable has no light sensor. also someone could die beacuse this post has no warnings, and that leaves excuse for you to be sued, i advise you to change this post or take it off.

amando96 made it!(author)2010-03-04

 yeah man, i knew better, but still clicked this to not be an ignorant, you can die by touching the flyback transformer...

also you forgot to mention you need a keyboard to dismantle the monitor LOL

iTraceur made it!(author)2010-02-27



cheesekake22 made it!(author)2010-02-17

holy crap it works

Downcount made it!(author)2010-02-16

lol i like how the only component is 1 capacitor - with no specs either.
funny, but i took you seriously before i read the comments - didn't view any steps.

far.peter made it!(author)2010-01-30

You said there's no complicated wiring.

IMA_AMISH_GECKO made it!(author)2010-01-17

WTF!!!!!! ha had me goin for a second now didnt you. oh you sly fox

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