Picture of How to take didgital pictures with a crt monitor
This is not a joke!!! You can really take high quality (up to 8mp) digital images with any old crt monitor! There is no complicated wiring required. It will take you five minutes. Just follow theses eazes instuctables to make your own crt monitor camera.

Step 1: Get an old crt monitor.

Picture of Get an old crt monitor.
1. Make your own crt monitor by clicking on this link and then typing "how to make your own crt monitor" into the search box that will appear at the center of the page.<a href="http://www.google.com">Link</a>
2. Go to a nearby recycling center and take one home: crt monitors are very easy to find in recycling centers because they are sooooo bad.(crt monitors are generally about 3x lighter than lcd monitors, so carrying one home shouldn't be a problem(I walked 5 miles home with a 30" crt monitor, so you can too))
3.Find one inside an internal pata hard drive, these types of hard drives usually have 15"-22" crt monitors inside of them. you can find this type of hard drive inside a computer dating earlier than 1995 only.
4.Break apart the computer you are using to view this instructable to find a 55" !!!!WOW!!!! crt monitor
mattcintosh15 days ago

Actually, if you disable some protective circuits, a CRT *can* produce X-rays. Just get some X-ray film, fire up the CRT, stand in front of it and see what your insides look like (not responsible for cancer, blindness, sterility, etc...)

noingwhat3 years ago
One legitimate question I have though, is I am aware this article is totally bogus, but if you were to go down to a recycling center and ask if you could bring home any of the equipment they had, do you think they would let you?

I actually make a pretty good living doing that...but the owner expects me to pay for the stuff I bring home.

richfiles1 month ago

The funny thing... Is you CAN take digital photos with a CRT. It's called a "flying spot scanner". I assumed that's what this post was... Till I looked at it for all of 1.8 seconds >_> They were usually used for scanning film reels, film negatives, or slides in the days before CCDs.

Optics focus a CRT at the point of an inserted film. A single dot is scanned over the image, much int he same way that a dot scans the screen when generating images. The difference is it's set at a fixed brightness for each sweep. Not he other side of the negative or slide, is a basic photo detector. you can use a red green and blue color filter to generate color images.

This was the method of image capture used by the Luna 3 probe (launched by the USSR in 1959). Amazingly enough, the Luna 3 probe also was equipped with all the necessary equipment to not only take the photos, but develop them as well. It was the developed photos that were scanned and transmitted back to Earth.

Seriously, Furious Jorjes needs a life.

you need to stop insulting people who make awesome projects.

westonism3 years ago
Anyone who thinks they need to inform us that this is a joke, probably shouldn't be using an electrical device. They can be dangerous . Life is too short to have a stick wedged that far...... You know the rest.
brivera-13 years ago
this guy lied!! i pushed a good 13 megapixel photo of my dog with mine! =D....r.i.p my dog nikki >.<
brivera-13 years ago
almost done!! =D
zakamooza3 years ago
DUDE, i have a problem on the conector for the I82801Gs/GR/GH (ICH7 FCR pack- Serial ATA Storage &Controller-27C0InExpress Port

THERE'S a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous in the

I CANT reach the C8-9=10.000uF 63V For dual Amplifier*

any help?
pdee-13 years ago
utterly useless, remove this post and ban the user for such garbage
apender3 years ago
there is an easier way to use a monitor as a camera.
Someone developed a java applet to take pictures with a monitor.
angryfeet5 years ago
Thanks, this worked nicely.

I just took a photo of my goldfish.

I used my computers monitor to make the camera, so now I must borrow my friend's one so I can have a look at my photo.
I'm having a hard time getting mine to focus on those close ups!
Luziviech3 years ago
the hamster so awesome, i HAD to download it and use it as wallpaper on my desktop.
This instructable needs deleting...
I agree. Theres fun and funny, but this doesn't fit either.
64bitgenius4 years ago
8mp isn't great resolution. what i call great resolution is at least 1tp.
acedia5 years ago
Ok I plugged the blue cable in and then I went blind what happened
zack247 acedia5 years ago
look at the middle of the diagram. the 5v positve and negative are connected together. whatever they may be for. seems like a short circuit. also, everyone knows crt's weigh more than a lcd, and every circuit board inside a crt is different. then, look at the photo with the keyboard. IT HAS BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED. look at the stand of the monitor and the background and you'll know that it is
sqrtman zack2474 years ago
the 5v positive and negative are connected to a transformer
.... which is not a straight short.....
ok i and most of the people that have posted a reply here believe and know that this is fake and therefore is spam RIGHT? so lets do what needs to be done and FLAG IT on the top right you will see a flag link. its very small and looks like a yellow flag. please flag this before some kid kills him or her self. PLEASE FLAG. AND LETS HOPE THEY BAN THE POSTER.
just make sure you discharge the caps inside.
you cna do this by attaching the ht lead by means of a long length of wire, to your penis.
Deathstick4 years ago
A joke is something that is funny? This is just stupid and should be taken down.
clockdryve4 years ago
Where the "HECK" is the BAN button? Stuff like this shouldn't be allowed...before you know it this site will be like youtube, and you won't know WHAT page to open that you won't get SCAMMED on with a FAKE. This is not only DANGEROUS it cause's negative emotions. I Vote for it's immediate removal...........................
tigerdog3305 years ago
 you got a lot of damn gaul posting something like this. my little brother just almost smashed up our computer and monitor with the keyboard because he saw this. 
"gaul" is a region, you wanted "gall"
ludionis5 years ago
I shall again mention that a CRT monitor (or CRT TV for that matter) requires proper discharge before being opererated on.  The components inside them can/will store lethal amounts of electricity for days or weeks after being unplugged.  Please do not attempt to dissasemble a CRT monitor without taking appropriate safety precautions and unless you know what you are doing.
-max- ludionis5 years ago
bla-bla-bla, nag-nag-nag!
I have a feeling Furious Jorjes and Xellers are the same guy. Just a thought...
i think the same.
conrad24685 years ago
Yeah, I built it...when i tried to take a picture of my dog...it kinda killed him...
maoriveros5 years ago
Hey - it works nicely!  Thanks for the tuto!!!!
zack2475 years ago
solarmatrix5 years ago

if you are going to go to the effort of making an Instructable wouldn't you get much more gratitude from posting something unique that really works? 
after viewing this I started looking at other Instructables with
Scepticism which is a shame for such a great site. 
there are other sites for "jokes" where this sort of thing would be better appreciated as you can probably tell from other readers comments including the ones that point out the hazards of which you may not have been aware .  Btw, my comments are intended in a constructive manner.
chikenf00t5 years ago

that worked pretty well thanks!

hjartland5 years ago
Guessin you've heard this one before...Dude you took the joke too far. I'm not going to chastise you. What ever you get from taking it too far is your thing. Laughing your butt off at people's reactions. Kinda sad man.

The beauty of this site is finding out what you can do with everyday stuff. Some of it seems way too good to be true. But its not. Except for this kinda thing.
mrmarshall15 years ago
 come on, to make a camera you need a light sensor, this Instructable has no light sensor. also someone could die beacuse this post has no warnings, and that leaves excuse for you to be sued, i advise you to change this post or take it off.
 yeah man, i knew better, but still clicked this to not be an ignorant, you can die by touching the flyback transformer...

also you forgot to mention you need a keyboard to dismantle the monitor LOL
iTraceur5 years ago

holy crap it works
Downcount5 years ago
lol i like how the only component is 1 capacitor - with no specs either.
funny, but i took you seriously before i read the comments - didn't view any steps.
far.peter5 years ago
You said there's no complicated wiring.
WTF!!!!!! ha had me goin for a second now didnt you. oh you sly fox
digitrunner5 years ago
So with 2 crt monitors we could get 3d pics??? and 4 monitors surround sight pics?? posibilities are limitless
that wasnt even funny -_-;;;;;;;;
Excuse me, what are you talki9ng about? The first line says "this is not a joke".
You fail epically for even suggesting that one sentence on the internet is credible without a viable sourse... sir, I receed your internet...
Sir, the "sourse" here is ME. lol, I think its been publicly established that this was a joke instructable.
legano5 years ago
okay i did everything you said, but when i hit 88MP/h it went to 1985 and the flux capacitor exploded so i couldn't go back but then an ewok came and he fixed it for me so i could continue fighting with the Rebel Alliance and beat those Klingon jerks.
welder guy5 years ago
it didnt work!!!!!!

i plugged it in, it booted up, then automaticly took me to a porno website. does anyone want to buy it from me (:
I can't afford the automatic :(
Thersonder5 years ago
right i know a little bit about electronics and i can safely say that the flyback transformer in a crt is capable of leathal voltages, that is not to mention the dangers of voiding your warranty. I would strongly suggest that this post is taken on comedy value alone as anybody capable of producing that circuit would agree that it would be nigh on impossible to produce without a large amount of time wasted in eagle to create a pcb layout, which then would need etching. All in all i would strongly suggest buying a second hand digicam rather that wasting your time "trying to plug the blue lead into your pc"
geekone6 years ago
this can't work... man you're joking right?
Xellers geekone5 years ago
Incorrect, he is not joking. I assembled this, and it worked the first time I turned it on. You should think before you post a comment.
 that schematic has wayyy to many objects on it....maybe if you were making a time machine....now that on the other hand would require you to change the name of this instructable so that people (namely people like me) who find this humorous wouldnt waste precious minutes of their lives reading a useless instructable
I wish I undersood wiring diagrams to try this. I originally thought you were gonna make a camera out of a hamster!!!
It's a joke anyway.
Xellers Derin5 years ago
I'm afraid that it isn't. I built this, and it worked out quite well.
gmoon Xellers5 years ago
This part of the joke (your comments) isn't very funny...
Xellers gmoon5 years ago
You should stop putting other people's instructables down just because you yourself are incapable of understanding them. This creates a negative atmosphere on instructables that is not appreciated.
gmoon Xellers5 years ago
I'm not putting down the original joke (much...not that's really that funny.) I'm only saying your comments don't really add much humor to it... Since this isn't your joke (or do you have two accounts?), who cares?
furious jorjes (author)  gmoon5 years ago
Please do not be rude to the people that post comments on my instructables "gmoon". I have taken the liberty of flagging your comment. Please remove your comment before an admin does.
My comments, along with most of the others, help identify this project as a (silly) hoax. Nothing really wrong with that--so long as you don't take it too far (I never found Andy Kaufman's "Tony Clifton" character that funny, either.) If our comments save a poor n00b from actually trying to build one, then cool. Otherwise, have a nice day. Good luck with the flagging thing. I'm done here.
TheFawns gmoon5 years ago
 hey, im agreeing with you man, this is retarted...i was like huh?? no way in hell this things gonna work, and thanks to this instructable my brothers little dog died because of the CRT screens glass dust choked it to death.......sad story really......i was really let down by this, and it has caused a tragedy in my family, im just letting everyone else know this so that it doesnt happen in the future
ludionis gmoon5 years ago

Not to mention the dangers actually associated with trying to open a CRT monitor that has not been properly discharged.  To post a joke is fine, to label it "not a joke" and not include warnings when dealing with/opening devices (CRT Monitors) that are capable of carrying lethal voltages hours/days after being unplugged is simply irresponsible, because by reading the comments, there are obviously people out there that would actually believe anything they read on the interwebz and might actually try this.

 Maybe the 'Hamera', or 'Campster' will be his next 'ible?
ALRIGHT! I admit it was a joke. I am sorry for the deception.
And furious jorjes and I are not the same person, just in case any of you were wondering. Well, it was fun while it lasted.... =P
astro boy6 years ago
even if this did work it would be stupid as it is
1 heavy
2 needs a wall outlet
3 big

You are incorrect, my friend. This is cheaper (free), lighter, and better than most modern day cameras on the market.
it dose say plug it into a PC and unless its old it costs lots and its still too big imagine having a crt monitor on a chain around your neck. lol
I'm afraid that you didn't quite understand these instructions. You need to interface this with your PC for initial configuration. Additionally, you are only using certain parts of the monitor (hence the disassembly).
I might have understood slightly more if it had a pic of the final product but it dose say "Plug into PC w/. the blue cable and take pix!" suggesting you take a pic with it plugged into the computer and it says "You can really take high quality (up to 5mp) digital images with any old crt monitor!" and now the stranded is 8mp and at least some optical zoom which it doesn't say and you can tell its a joke saying "There is no complicated wiring required. It will take you five minutes. Just follow theses eazes Instructables to make your own crt monitor camera." eater your lying or this Instructable isn't very good
furious jorjes (author)  astro boy5 years ago
"astro boy", may I suggest a change in the tone of your writing? Your excessive use of "street language", and your tendency to lay waste to the conventions of English grammar make your comments virtually unreadable, and as a result, I am not able to take them seriously. Please revise your writing before expecting me to engage in an intelligent discussion with you.
ha ha : )
OK I am very sorry but it is a bit hard to understand this Instructable :( a thing that would help me is a picture of the camera itself (even if you have to take it with the camera in a mirror) and I am sorry for not believing you. most things that say THIS IS NOT A JOKE mean it will not work and this is very annoying (I'm not saying this to you just people who lie. now to me lcd (liquid crystal display) screens are slim shiny and lite (picture down bottom) and crt monitors extend out towards the back and contain a lot more things apart for the empty insides of the crt (cathode ray tube) making them heaver. sorry if this is confusing but i can't make it better. if your crt and lcd screens are different please show this somehow. please try to include as much pictures and description on how to do this as well and a few steps for the wiring as most people can not follow this and a picture of the finished product is probably the most important improvement. and i am very sorry to you "Xellers" for being mean in any way as it was taken as a joke by nearly everyone. sorry again and i will try to be nicer
tft and lcd are usualy joind so i mostly call them lcd. last picture is the crt.
Minifig6665 years ago
 So how exactly do I make it take the pictures
 An enlarged version of this would be handy. I can't quite read the rating of the flux capacitor off this one. 
ScubaSteve6 years ago
Uhhh...are you sure about that? My 17 in. CRT weighs between 30 and 40 poundsand i can hardly carry it down the stairs!
Then you need to exercise, CRT monitors are, in fact, much lighter than their bulkier LCD counterparts.
 Wrong! Two monitors of the same size the CRT is first of all larger (due to the tube) and second of all heavier (due to the electronics suppoeting the tube and the tube it self) than its LCD counterpart. You may be confusing the two types with LCD being a flat panel and the CRT being boxy. Please stop spreading misinformation and especially the downing of people that are trying to understand an instructable whether fake or not.
"(C)amdogg00", first of all, the electronics "suppoeting" the innards of the CRT monitor are very light, as is the picture tube itself. I am not confusing CRT and LCD monitors, CRT monitors are, in fact, much lighter than their LCD counterparts. While you are correct in stating that the nature of a CRT display (ie. the picture tube) will make it appear to be bulkier and boxier, it nevertheless weighs less than an average LCD monitor. "Please stop spreading misinformation and especially the downing of people that are trying to understand an instructable whether fake or not." I am, in fact, not spreading misinformation, and I cannot respond to the second half of your criticism, as I do not understand what a "downing of people" is. Next time, please think through what you will post more clearly before you do so, all that you are doing is this: http://xkcd.com/202/.
Also, some LDC monitors require extra power bricks, to convert from mains power to a lower voltage. CRTs don't have this extra bulky inconvenient but necessary accessory, making CRTs so much more convenient. Perhaps what confused Camdog G00 was that he left out the weight of this extra device when considering the relative masses of the two devices.
not really as they are designed to be small and light and its proven
as well everyone but you would agree lcd screens are lighter and thinner there for smaller than crt monitors of the same size
and if you are posting comments that reply to anyone else your just really being annoying
its ok to have opinios like "i like chip sandwiches" but if somone says back "eww, i hate them, how can you eat those" which is what your doing its meen and anoying
unless you are the author then you cant tell whether it was a joke or it worked by accident for you or it did work and he writ it wrong so prove all your statements with pure facts or it should be counted as false or not proven
furious jorjes (author)  astro boy5 years ago
As the author of this instructable, I am adopting "Xellers" ' side. CRT monitors are, in fact, far lighter and more compact than their bulkier LCD predecessors. Additionally, I would like to point out that it is in fact, you who is being "meen and anoying", and not Xellers. Also, this instructable is not a joke (look at the first line), and it does work. The fact that Xellers was able to duplicate my results reinforces this. May I also point out that you should try to avoid careless errors and "street language" in your comments, they make you seem very unprofessional.
I am sorry to say you must be confusing the two types of monitor jorjes . CRT " cathode ray tube " was the first display and far far heavier then the fairly new and far lighter LCD " liquid crystal display " . The CRT was and is still used in most TVs , I am sure that it will soon be completely replaced by LCDs in the near future . An example my laptop weights 1/10 of what the CRT alone weights on my desktop computer .
     Thanks for the instructable furious jorjes .
moat of the t.v.s now are LCD not CRT.
Most* derr haha
 LOL , CRTs are less expensive so I was only guessing but I'm sure in the near future there will be few if any CRT's sold , LCD's are just better . Any one can make a spelling mistake that's what spell chack is for .
 if you cant tell its a troll by step 2  then you have a severe problem... but man do i love trolls
 A Wild Troll Appears!
 WoW, Half the people commenting here do not understand sarcasm at all.
muttyfutty5 years ago
I compleated this yesteday after 12 Failed PCB etching trys I FINALY soldered all the components! took me ages to do but I was able to make it work!
Orinigaly I was scepticle but after trying it out, I am extreamly pleased with the result.
The only problem seems to be that the focus is slightly out, is there any way or retifying this? (full or half wave? geddit? lol)
any help is appreaciated.
philslizzy5 years ago
10 seconds to realise this is such total bullshit
emerald8765 years ago
such a troll. theres NO way a monitor can take pictures...
pwn1god5 years ago
trolls in my instructables?!
I think I will stick with my old camera. I am not doing the wiring. Make it a little bit easier and more compact and you are on the right track.
This is easy and compact, seriously, just because you don't understand the schematics, you shouldn't say that this is bad. I bet that your camera is worse than this.
he dident say it was bad!
Actually, he suggested that this camera is too bulky to be practical. This, however, is untrue.
Waaaaaaaay too silly
How is this silly in any way, shape, or form. I found this instructable very useful.
good for you
Indeed, it is. This camera works superbly and I am very satisfied with you. I'm sorry that your attempts have not been as fruitful - perhaps you should consider starting with a simpler project first?
Lance Mt.5 years ago
YOU GUYS!? Your missing the point! This is frikken awesome. Needless, pointless, effort-filled however heavy and fiddly. These are all key features of instructables.
Oh yeah, almost forgot. FLAAAME!
Bran7 years ago
While I won't comment on the quality of this Instructable, I will note that you may or may not have made a mistake in step 1:

crt monitors are generally about 3x lighter than lcd monitors, so carrying one home shouldn't be a problem(I walked 5 miles home with a 30" crt monitor, so you can too)

Not where I come from.
Xellers Bran5 years ago
Well, they are in the place where the rest of us come from. You should think before posting foolish comments such as this one.
i think that's the point :)
Xellers5 years ago
What are you talking about guys? I did this, and it worked perfectly! Seriously, just because you don't have the technical ability to assemble this, you shouldn't put it down. 5 Stars.
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
I finely I made and put in a computer case with cooling and IT DOESN'T WORK WORTH @#$%&!!!!!! $50 dollars GONE!!!!!!
I'll buy that 55" crt off you if you havent destroyed it.
Bongmaster6 years ago
you could have at least waited until april -_-
robotguy46 years ago
"Pictures?!?!" You only posted one!
Tazom6 years ago
hey awesome that you even found those scimatics, can you post a higher resolution of them? great thanks!
cm00026 years ago
You should shoot it next time bwa ha ha ha ha ha, roflroflrofl this is funny
Afro Tim6 years ago
BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...... HAHA.. LOL..... ROFL........ ooh god.. yes, he's joking.
arirang7776 years ago
I feel I just wasted 3 minutes of my life that I will need when I were about to die, anyway...
crait6 years ago
I wasted a monitor... :( XD
bwpatton16 years ago
I cought on at " Make your own crt monitor by clicking on this link and then typing "how to make your own crt monitor" into the search box that will appear at the center of the page.<a href="http://www.google.com">Link</a>"
Bran7 years ago
Oh, well, now that I find out that this a "joke" Instructable..... Personally, if I were to make a joke Instructable, I'd make sure it had correct spelling, punctuation, etc., or else most people won't discover the funniness.
WOW, i just ran to the local thrift store and after digging through their piles of lcd's I found a 75inch rear projection monitor, I was afraid it wouldn't work, but the image quality is so good I can see fairy tale animals not even visible. BTW starting off a joke with"this is not a joke" renders it instantly unfunny