Picture of How to take in a shirt
So your shirt is too big? flowing around you like the Nile?

In this instructable I will show you how to take it a shirt, in other words, make it smaller.
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Step 1: Step 1: materials

Picture of step 1: materials
things you will need:

-cloth tape

-needle and thread -OR- sewing machine



Step 2: Step 2: measuring

you will need to measure the shirt-ee for fit -OR- you can just wing it, and take in an inch or so at a time.

measure in a few places, to get an idea of the size you want.

VERY IMPORTANT: turn the shirt inside-out.

write down the measurements;
say, waist:32 belly:28 bust:30.
now take each of these numbers and divide by 2.
so, waist:16 belly:14 bust:15.
now measure those out on the shirt, and mark with your sharpie.

Step 3: Step 3: sewing

Picture of step 3: sewing
sew along your sharpie marks

Step 4: Step 4: cutting

Picture of step 4: cutting
now cut along the outside of your stitching.

Step 5: Step 5: finish

Picture of step 5: finish
congrats on your now-smaller shirt.
coerul7 years ago
Very helpful instructable! I've always had trouble taking in shirts, but this is a simple method. My alternative is just laying another shirt on the one I'm taking in and tracing. xD I'm really picky about how my shirts fit.
aneel8 years ago
I don't understand the "divide by pi" step. Are you saying to measure out 10in on the shirt for your belly if you measure your body at 32in?
GiveMeMyCawwot (author)  aneel8 years ago
if you measure your belly at 32in, measure the shirt at 10in (32/pi)
Why pi? Let's say you resize the shirt so that the front is 10in wide. Since you're marking on one side and sewing straight through, the same happens on the back, right? Doesn't this mean that you have to get a 20in loop (10in in front + 10in in back) around a 32in belly? Since the shirt has two layers, it seems like you would actually want to divide by 2. Then you have 16in in front and 16in in back, which matches the 32in around your body.
GiveMeMyCawwot (author)  aneel8 years ago
ummm... actually, I think you're right. thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for writing up a neat Instructable!
GiveMeMyCawwot (author)  aneel8 years ago