I love thrift shopping!! You can get some awesome clothes for super cheap. Unfortunately, most of the pants in my size (plus size) never fit me correctly...Im straight in the hips, not curvy. Or the most common problem, only one size is available. (The pants in this instructable were a size 26/28 and I wear a 22/24) So without further ado lets get working!!


Pants that are too big
Straight pins
Sewing machine with heavy duty needle (or hand needle and thread, I highly recommend the machine)

Step 1: Try Pants On

Put your pants on and determine how much fabric you need to remove. As you can see there was alot of excess fabric.
Take pants off again and place pins on the areas you need to remove.  Chalk also works very well for this.
<p>Do I cut the pants all the way done ?? Or can I just turn pants inside out them sew where I want the pants taken in at without citing the pants?? Would that's work. . </p>
<p>pockets how did you fix it</p>
<p>What did you do about the pockets?</p>
<p>I usually trim the pockets along the seam line.</p>

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