Introduction: How to Take Macro Lens Pictures From Your IPod

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Here is a way to take HD close up pictures with your ipod 

Step 1: What You Need

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- An iPod case
- A macro lens - I got mine out of a disposable camera

Step 2: Step 1

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add some super glue around the edges of  the macro lens

Step 3: Finished

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Here are some pictures I took with the lens 


spylock (author)2013-02-16

Now see,I could have used this the night I was trying to sleep,and found it was a cricket munching on a tater chip I had dropped.I took a photo of him,but it wasnt great,Im gonna do this one.

Zibri (author)2013-02-03

FOROM :) #fail

smitty16 (author)Zibri2013-02-03


Zibri (author)smitty162013-02-04


smitty16 (author)Zibri2013-02-09

r u kidding or what this is the cheap way

Zibri (author)smitty162013-02-10

the title was "How to take macro lens pictures FOROM your iPod", then after my comment he corrected it :)

smitty16 (author)Zibri2013-02-13

ya ill admit it

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