Picture of How to take macro lens pictures from your iPod
Here is a way to take HD close up pictures with your ipod 

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
- An iPod case
- A macro lens - I got mine out of a disposable camera
spylock2 years ago
Now see,I could have used this the night I was trying to sleep,and found it was a cricket munching on a tater chip I had dropped.I took a photo of him,but it wasnt great,Im gonna do this one.
Zibri2 years ago
FOROM :) #fail
smitty16 (author)  Zibri2 years ago
Zibri smitty162 years ago
smitty16 (author)  Zibri2 years ago
r u kidding or what this is the cheap way
Zibri smitty162 years ago
the title was "How to take macro lens pictures FOROM your iPod", then after my comment he corrected it :)
smitty16 (author)  Zibri2 years ago
ya ill admit it