How to Take Over the World





Introduction: How to Take Over the World

Everyone wants to be the runner of the world. Because running the world is awesome. But first, you'll need some other awesome things to rule the world.

Step 1: Building an Awesome Army.

Not everyone is gonna want you to take over the world, so you'll need an army. You can make one from robots, aliens, and (although boring) humans. But humans need food, while robots can run off the sun, and aliens eat humans for substanince (but your not human, your pure awesomeness in the form of a human). Humans are also REALLY unreliable, so I'd try and get one of the first two choices.

Step 2: Making Everyone Do What You Want.

Having a huge awesome army isn't enough though. Humans tend to be "brave", and seem to fight way to hard. So, your gonna have to have some sort of threat that would ruin their world, but not really affect you. Something like a death ray, a whole bunch of poison, a sun blocker, or a weird virus which could be released upon everyone. Be creative!

Step 3: Enslaving Everyone.

Well, now you've got your threat to society, and an army to be your eyes, ears, and beating sticks (Ugly sticks to all you english people). Everyone should pretty much do what you want, and if not, kill them. Remember, when in doubt, shoot them in the head. Or get one of your army men to eat them. Whichever is more convenient. But don't forget, in order to instill fear, people have to live. Give everyone a required amount of child birth mark, and some food every now and then. Living slaves are commandable ones!

Step 4: Next Step, MIND CONTROL!

Now that everyone is doing what you say, you need a more reliable source of awesomeness powers of control. You need to force them to do things. Remember, a man chooses, a slave obeys. And really, the mass people who fear you are men choosing to not get shot in the head.

So, get a group of scientist slaves to teach you everything about the mind, body, and science. Now, a true ruler would have found the error in that sentence. "But you should NEVER trust slaves!", is what one of them would be saying. And that's true. Get one of your robots/aliens/demented humans to learn everything there is about human mind control, and then get them to teach it to you. Robots and aliens will do it, and you wont have to fear that they will control you, because the human race is so small compared to theirs, it wouldn't be worth taking over. Humans though, I would be leary of. Them and their stupid reproductive systems.

Step 5: What Do You Do With This World?

Well, whatever you want! Force people to be your lover, make people give you what you want! Make inequality awesome! Its your world, do with it what you want! Remember, this all started from you being more awesome than awesomeness itself! Robots are awesome. I would check out a few tutorials on them on here. Could come in handy someday.



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    I will build the most powerful Exo-suit with the power to rearange the composition of atoms. destroy mars just for fun, slaughter an entire country, brain wash a couple billion people and turn them into weapon design and manufacturing slaves, then i will proceed to destroy the old and disabled humans until its only me and my army. I will then rebuild humanity the way it was ment to be.

    trained monkeys they are the answer. try it

    trained animals might need food but i guess you could train them to eat the flesh of your enemies. they also would be loyal but probably not as dumb as humans. they also would need no wages and could be genetically modified to reproduce faster run faster and be awesome.

    Problem with robots: EMPs, Someone would track production, can be hacked, viable powersource.

    Problem with aliens: They would probably take us over if they wanted anything contact at all.

    Humans... I personally think they're the easiest resource: Tons of them, stupid on the whole, they will act out in self-preservation for the most part even if it means less liberty.

    Anyway, I liked it :)

    But humans have a tendency to turn against you fairly easely, so... Oh, and they are prone to "malfunction". And humans tend to be very stubborn too. And they are not very reliable, they often fail in making decisions.

    PS: This comment may contain grammar failures.

    So the solution is to hire an engineer to build you a giant space ship that can wipe out the whole plantet and massacre everyone

    Human have time and time again proven themselves to be willing tools. Machinery ultimately relies on the support of humans. And we all have the same fundimental animalistic motives that can be explioted by anyone with more resources. People are very reliable if you can convince them that what you want is what they want too.

    Yeah... But I want to rule the world by my own. You can lie to humans that if you rule the world, everyone gets happy. But eventually, they will get inpatient, and want to kill you. It's just human nature. Again, there are much more problems with humans. Humans require food, water and rest. Humans can also have fear, mercy, or doubt; something which is not useful for supersoldiers trying to take over the world. Maybe a combination would be best. First you use humans to fight a global war to take over the world (which would also solve overpopulation, lol), and once you rule everything, you kill the human soldiers (or, turn them into zombies or cyborgs), destroy all the weapons they can use to kill you, and use robots and camera's to keep track of all their movements. It's the most cost efficient and pretty much fail-proof. Hehe.... Soon, I will rule the world! And I'll start at.... North Brabant! Yeah!

    But could't you RAISE the humans and have them obey your every comand? Like... have them call your Mother/Father and you could love them... AND them will do EVERYTHING to protect you, unless they think what you are doing is wrong... them execute her/him...

    But the problem lies here:

    "unless they think what you are doing is wrong"

    If a smart human thinks what you are doing is wrong, obviously they aren't going to admit that right away. They keep it a secret, rally up others who think that way too, and then.... You have a coup 'd etat.

    No, humans are unreliable beings in every single way. They must be registered as closely as possible: that is the only way to safely deal with them. Every dictator knows his greatest firend and his greatest enemy, is the crowd.

    Hey, I need help on taking over a town. Any tips? I need to do this because 1. start small end big, and 2. I need small armies first with limited rebellion(Preferably human) BUT I would not like to kill anyone. If anyone is in on joining, I require that you know how to shoot to disable and not to kill. And maybe a few medics encase people start a rebellion. If you do get jumped you may kill them but make it painful and do it in front of a lot of people, give them a lesson just to strike fear into their hearts to weaken them and teach them not to rebel. Ok, thank you!