The best way i figured out to take over the world with minimal death toll. I dont like schoolso this is what i do during class figure out how to take over the world. So far this is my best plan i involves useing agriculture as basicly a bargining chip.

Feel free to add to this. this is just the basic ,the full plan is all stored safely in my head.

Step 1: Unite 3rd world countries

become leader of a 3rd world country then use them to influence the countrys around them. Keep uniteing all the countries in a certain area until you have a large area.


what if everybody takes over the world? I guess everyone would have equal power, thus eliminating the need for world leaders, meaning no more taxes, so no more jobs, allowing people to do whatever you want! would you take over the world to save it?
<p>Equality is a net power of ZERO. If everyone has power, no one has power...</p>
<p>It should work so that everyone has equal power other than you who has more power so you are in charge </p>
<p>If no one has power, than there is no control, and people can do anything they want.</p>
I don't know what's more bizarre, someone replying to an 8 year old comment, or me still using the same email.
definitely save canada. they have the best bacon and maple syrup. also save Maryland for me please. I like our blue crabs and Old Bay chips.
Do you mean Canadian bacon (ham) or real bacon? They do have good bacon, but ham is not bacon. lol Mmmm, Old Bay...
both really. and yes, old bay is delicious. we have three thingies of it at home and my favorite chip is the Utz brand crab chip seasoned with old bay. Lays tastes like salt and vinegar, and Herrs is a bit too crunchy. btw, i do not approve of old bay on ham or bacon. Mmmm, chick-fil-a
Grey_Wolfe makes a good point in that CANADIAN BACON IS ACTUALLY HAM! Don't worry. I meant to caps lock that to stress it as far as i could go to broadcast it to those who think Canadian Bacon is some fancy bacon. :-)
gah, i need food now. months of commenting on bacon can really drain the system.
that's kinda off topic... ham and anarchy are way different.
Good Point!
oh, go play in a food processer.
fine, go run in in front of a cement truck
also NO.
Lol, that reminds me of the back of the videogame GoldenEye Rogue Agent. Except, backwards. It says, "Why save the world when you can rule it?"
<p>give everyone the same porn video so when they go to maybe talk about it they will soon find out that they both watch it and might have intercoures and if they are lucky die from sexual diseases </p>
Simple give everyone high-speed Internet and free pizzas then do whatever u wanna do
<p>how to take over the world???? easy create choas and ten save the world MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA</p>
<p>Guys we need a group to do this... people working in different areas.... preferably you'd work Anonymously... under a code name that the group would go by...</p>
<p>That would take a lot of careful planning, and there should be people who can be trusted 100%,</p>
<p>Wouldn't it be easier to create machines that cause tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or floods? It could weaken the world.</p>
<p>That would cost a lot to fix.</p>
<p>You're right, but I'm sure I will find a solution to that problem.</p>
<p>I Shall Take Over The World!</p>
Better not let this one get out. If somebody finds out you're plotting world takeover <em>in school</em>, they're gonna throw your ass in jail.<br/>
<p>And the wonderful thing is, you are dead wrong...they can't throw you in jail for being slightly grandiose, they may make you take some mental health evaluations, however, you could simply say it is a form of entertainment, which to me it is.</p>
Dont thik you can go to jail unless you go through with it
Just like all those kid's that get arrested for plotting a school shooting don't get arrested? It was a joke
lets all start a take-over-the world club. we can have an encrypted website where we can post our various takeover plans.<br/>www.worldconquest.com<br/><em>You're all ours!</em><br/>
Maybe a start over the world club. We can start by only letting Atheists run anything bigger than a post office.
I don't enjoy that idea.
Then you are part of the problem! How can you take over the world if religion just tells you to give it back! I am trying to show you people how to take over the world! Not bow down to God and wish for life everlasting in some heavenly Nirvana! World domination is not for the Pious and Holy, it's for the people who will do anything to achieve their goals. When I'm in control you will be the first one against the wall. btw My wife has said that you won't understand my tongue in cheek humor, so sorry in advance of all those not amused.
<p>Well said, when one is a god among men, there is no room for another god in the world.</p>
I just said that I didn't enjoy the idea. I'm not extremely religious, ie. I don't go to church, I just believe that there is a God, that's all. I will not reply to these comments anymore, as I don't wish to get into a flame religious debate.
Me Neither
yeeha to that... even tho i hate cowboys
oi, what if i'm an atheist? i bet <em>you're</em> a scientologist!<br/>
I think World Domination should be a middle school elective.
yeah, u can't get it until college. but in my town, there is an "Anarchy 101," taught by Mr. Burns. He hacked my email.
I like the Roman strategy. Promise new trade, water, good roads, citizen rights to court trial, etc... and if they still don't want to bow down, then make an example out of them. I would probably not go so far as what the Romans did with all of thier swanky bathhouses and theatres though. I believe that Los Angeles would be your best place to start, first mobilize the gangs to militarize the illegals. The illegals will be your foot-soldiers. Gain control of America west of Mississippi and forge alliance with Canada and then Mexico. Pressure the Southern states by telling them if they do not ally with you, you will dump your whole prison population on them, forge alliances with Venezuela so you have much cheaper gas than others. Block gas and resources to Northeast until they crumble, meanwhile tell all countries that America is opening it's borders and sharing all it's wealth by becoming a multi-continent business entity to compete globally. Something on the Dubai concept. Good luck. Other good advice; Try to win over Europeans with fancy bathrooms, don't engage Russia in a drawn out ground war, don't create martyrs. Get the Jews on your side early, find someone dumb enough to call themselves a profit and support your side.
I'd think it'd be easier to militarize the common working class. Blue collar folk of low to middle class. This would probably apply in most well established countries, since the systems are not design to benefit them like the rich. As the street gangs tend to pride themselves on their emnities, it might be difficult to get them all to work well together without your 'army' killing itself from within.

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