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The best way i figured out to take over the world with minimal death toll. I dont like schoolso this is what i do during class figure out how to take over the world. So far this is my best plan i involves useing agriculture as basicly a bargining chip.

Feel free to add to this. this is just the basic ,the full plan is all stored safely in my head.

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Step 1: Unite 3rd world countries

Picture of Unite 3rd world countries
become leader of a 3rd world country then use them to influence the countrys around them. Keep uniteing all the countries in a certain area until you have a large area.

Step 2: Use the area you have control

Now use the area (now know as United Area) you have control of to halt trade between small countries until they join your side. now your are is larger. Offer medium country to join you so they dont have to let their economy falter any more.

dont have picture any suggestions.

Step 3: Use your U.A.

Picture of Use your U.A.
Now you leader of your U.A. halt all trade between you and countrys not yet on your side. This will act as kind of a siege to force the countrys you warned into a economic depression. they will then be forced to your side.

Congratulations You Now Control The World

Step 4: Run through

Picture of Run through
mock run through.

1) unite central and south america

2) get africa to join you. then work across europe and lower asia

3) halt all trade between the most powerful nations forceing them onto your side

4) new ruler of world
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if you want to take over the world, just make an EMP generator whith sugnifficant power and coil to reach a carronal mass ejection from the sun and black mail the U.N.

Well how well you get the money??

thats for me to know, and you to find out.

MarcusM31 month ago

this is stupid!!!!!

not unless you try.

MarcusM3 made it!1 month ago

You'd probably run out of money in a days!!

MarcusM3 made it!1 month ago

You'd probably run out of money in a days!!


Hi, WWI & WWII prove you can not take over the world using military might before you run out of finance and resources, it's a bit like Einsteins famous equation where you can not reach light speed with the mass becoming infinite. So how do you get round it, covertly is the obvious answer, by sneaking in a new world order/goverment or by gradually obtaining financial power over the world. Maybe you can take over using financial might instead of military might. Ever wondered why Russia is so sparky about the expansion of the EU

KennethO12 months ago

Your grammar and spelling is absolutely atrocious. How do you expect to take over anything when you can't even put an apostrophe in the word don't? I wouldn't trust you as my leader just because of this, much less because of your horrible plan. Please fix all of this and then maybe I will accept you as my supreme overlord.

TheGreatKing2 months ago

Your plan has many flaws.How do you plan on becoming king of a third world country? I have also been coming up with plans however they involve lots of bloodshed. If you truly believe you can take over this world without spilling any blood you are greatly mistaken. Lets say for a second your plan works. Just because you control parts of Africa and Asia doesn't necessarily mean you have taken over the world. What will you do when you are attacked? Do you plan on having war without any advanced weapons. This is no longer the 15th century the world has changed. We are in an era of technology. I hate to admit it but this world is boring. I advise you to change your plan. Also blood must be spilled for world domination. Never forget that.

Lol looks like I will have a lot of work to do!

cuban.guy.944 months ago

This idea, like all the ones posted by all the illiterate commenters is rather dumb. 3rd world countries are so called because they lack the resources to significantly influence the "1st world" economy so the plan is flawed from the start.

As for using street gangs or illegals there's are several problems:

1. The dumbest gang member or illegal is smarter than the smartest of you guys. They'll probably beat you, sexually abuse, and kill you.

2. Unorganized street gangs or illegals mobs are not a match for a trained military, and if they're trained by someone with your intellectual caliber it'll only make them worse.

3. You guys are not smart enough to put this together

While you make a significant amount of sense, I must correct you on your description of third world countries. The are not titled so because they lack proper resources. The truth is they can't access those resources. Just a minor error.

While you make a significant amount of sense, I must correct you on your description of third world countries. The are not titled so because they lack proper resources. The truth is they can't access those resources. Just a minor error.

Hello Fidel Castro,

I too was dissapointed at the lack realistic ideas. No worries, I actually have a VERY good idea of how to take over the world. Its not stupid--even if executed poorly it would at least disrupt society enough into a revolution. It takes over the system from the inside out, before you see it coming...

My ultimate goal, however, is not to just be ruler of the world but to slowly reform society into a global anarcho-communist state. Obviously this is not super easy to execute (will require lifetime dedication).

Merry Kwanzaa,


liam.wrilly3 months ago

If anyone wants to talk about a literal plan to take over the world email me here, because I actually have thought this out and have an amazing, all most fool proof plan to take over the world. It involves a revolution, becoming president of the U.S, or buy a few islands and creating a military, asking all the unrecognized countries to join an alliance called the S.N.A (small nations alliance)


Want to work together to takeover the world.

you guys mentioned going for Africa first... how? you want to get Ebola?

djgolam10 months ago

I tried to do it as it says, but the instructions were unclear so my balls stuck in the toaster...


Damn right

(removed by author or community request)
because big countries don`t care about small countries, because they are independent
(removed by author or community request)
well, it`s not moving in,but i see what your saying.
(removed by author or community request)
well i could take control of every mafia and gangster and gang in the world, so they could inforce it.that i could do that by simply befriending the leader of every gang and mafia.they kid kidnap the president and force him to make the black market legal,police illegal,and the gangs and mafias enforcers of law.then i would have them kill him,after making a law that makes it so that getting rid of them illegal. then i would destroy every last fiber of the documents that formed america.if we did that with all major countries besides europe, then it would be easy.
(removed by author or community request)
wait,theres more!in the choas and mafia police,that would mean we had of all the militarys that arent in europe.with that it would be easy to siege against europe,and take control of its militarys and land, that you have control of the world,make it so that only you can autherize trade between two countrys.any doubts at all,except you having to take all that time to control the mafias and gangs?if not then we should make nerds and geeks get assasinated and seirios education unimportant to you you control the world.any questions,comments,complaints,and or doubts?

And how, are y'all gonna do that?

Lance Mt. dwhp6 years ago
How do you indent on taking the miltary? next thing you could do is wait (or envoke) a 3rd world war, be a little bit shady and start taking the weak countries inside out
dwhp Lance Mt.6 years ago
well i rather do not object,however lance i do not agree entirely.staying hidden in the shadows is also a good idea.if the peoples of the earth knew how much power one man had,they would object.if you mean hacking into goverment or parliment files,then i would get some hackerson my side.
(removed by author or community request)
Excellent! your getting the "Big Picture" I have painted Literturically on your eyelid of which jehan originally painted on my eyes,of which i had to finish,like he said.All you need to have done was: close your eyes,let your doubts ebb away,and listen to my,uh,Type/Voice fill in your worries with hope that you might someday rule the world whereas i, i advise you,the ruler of the world.Wow,i did'nt think i could be that litertueric.
Lance Mt. dwhp6 years ago
"i would have them kill him..." Then the next president would be cocky and get rd of that law, Start a civil war and do essentially what your trying to do and work up a big enough force. Everyone wants something, The mafia aint the way to get it I reckon you try fake threats, easily done drive them into a panic (make a couple of insiders friends around about here, not just government ) until the wisen up and realize its not all true. You start a cyber war, take their main necessities and break it into pieces. Hospitals are a good place to start, fire stations you know. You mainly need to take their satellites, blind them, keep the fears up high so no one will fly (hey it rhymes) From here your free to poke em until they're useless, strike a bargain. Move on to the next superpower. If it all back fires, you havn't put your self in harms way, at all. And if their still putting u a fight, a couple of cars bombs never hur... let me refraze that, a car bomb or 2 will make em shiver
(removed by author or community request)
then why did you even read this 'ible?(have you seen the economy in america?)
dwhp Lance Mt.6 years ago
well,if the important documents of america,the official origanls,then america would be freed from law,destroy the goverment,and as a result,eveyone will become unemployed and then,i like your ideas of killing him when hes useless,taking control of the worlds sattelites,and poking at them until the give up.then you will falsly promise to give them back control of the sattelites,we;; you dont and them vaula!you control the there are now two was to get the planet.negotioating,or by force.personally,i would rather flip a coin to decide.(or think it through.two ways again!)plus,there are mafias and gangs in every part of the while the earth is a lawless place,you make your own laws through mafias,so on and so forth.
big countries don't need trade as much as smaller countries.
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