How to Take Papers on a Bike. Como Llevar Folios En Una Bici.





Introduction: How to Take Papers on a Bike. Como Llevar Folios En Una Bici.

(ING) I propose you an easy and comfortable way to take papers in a bike without spoiling them.

(SPA) Os propongo una manera sencilla y comoda de llevar folios en una bici sin que se estropeen.

Step 1: How to Make It. Como Construirlo.

(ING) We need a piece of velcro (about 20 cm) with sticker in the back side. All we have to do is to stick both sides so we obtain an unique strip.

(SPA) Necesitamos una tira de velcro de unos 20 cm que tenga pegatina por la parte posterior. Simplemente pegamos ambas partes por la parte de atras de manera que tengamos una unica tira en la que cada cara sea una de las partes del velcro.

Step 2: How to Use It. Como Usarlo.

(ING) Coil the papers around the bar of the bike and hold then with the velcro strip.

(SPA) Enrollamos con cuidado los folios a la barra superior de la bici y los sujetamos con la tira de velcro.



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    Make it waterproof by putting your papers in a zip-lock bag before rolling them around the bike tube.

    I did the same thing once with an aerobie frisbee. you know, the squidgee ones, but I was in a rush so I secured it with hockey tape.

    You can also stitch the velcro back to back to make sure that they are attached back to back for eternity :)

    They actually make velcro (or hook & loop) strips with fuzzy on one side, hooks on the other side. That way you don't have to worry about separation because of bending or separation in general.

    I know that many people have the impression that Americans think everything should be in English, and our English at that (color, not colour). I, for one, want to say that I welcome the whole international community to post in their native language. I may miss out on some great instructables, but hey, there's always translation services on the web, right!

    [English] I may do the English/Spanish thing when I finally get around to doing my Instructable. [Español] Puedo hacer la cosa inglesa/española cuando finalmente consigo alrededor a hacer mi Instructable.

    I've done a similar trick with Velcro before, and it tends to buckle and the glue tends to get all over the place after not to long. Then I found out you can buy rolls of double sided velcro at Office Max (an office supply store here in the North East of the US--maybe the whole US?). Same stuff--loops on one side, hooks on the other--except it doesn't buckle, and there's no glue to worry about. Great stuff!

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    We have one here in Topeka, KS.

    La sistema bilingüe es muy bien. I don't actually speak Spanish that well, correct me if I botched that, but good idea.